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Saturn-Selena Conjunction: Higher Order Program

Selena (White Moon) symbolizes the bright pure karma of the family. The house where she stands is the place of concentration of the most good deeds of the native’s ancestors, his legacy, which must be followed, but even if a person does not know about it and is not interested in astrology, he will still be lucky in this area.

Saturn is considered a karmic teacher, he limits the negative manifestations of character, arranges trials, makes you take on serious obligations and fulfill them. However, thanks to the connection with Selena, a person either enjoys life exams, or they are made as easy as possible for him, since the main hardships in the family have already been passed. There is only one condition – to become the favorite of Saturn, which is not so easy.

Features of the connection Saturn – Selena

The strict planet of karma loves hardworking, responsible and serious people. The White Moon strengthens this desire both in the person himself and in the expectations of higher powers. On the one hand, thanks to such an application, the owner of the connection really strives to become the best version of himself, he has everything laid out on the shelves, his life is planned for years to come.

The ability to organize oneself easily and with pleasure and one’s own progress towards goals helps one to become the owner of Saturnian values at an early age: high social status, a solid bank account and real estate, of course, if there are no other problematic aspects that affect corner houses.

The peculiarity of the conjunction of Selena and Saturn is that it removes the usual limitation of a person and the compression of the energy of good luck in the areas of the house affected by the aspect. For example, if the position of the planet of karma in the 4th house usually means difficulties in finding housing, then thanks to Selena, the favorable influence of Saturn is highlighted – finding a solid, reliable home, a real family nest or family estate, which is not afraid of financial problems and political crises.

The location of the aspect in the 5th house promises the successful bearing of pregnancy on time and long-lived children, in contrast to the interpretation of one Saturn in the same sector.

Thus, the minus turns into a plus with the condition of a responsible and serious attitude to the theme of the house.

Selena only guides the native to the goal and gives him protection from above, but if you sit back and wait for someone to write off the family lock, nothing will happen.

Saturn rewards persistent and responsible people who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and work hard. The main thing is to determine what exactly is the goal along the line of his influence, plan your actions and steadily move towards the top. This is where the magic of the White Moon happens.

Beneficial influence extends to the sphere of the house ruled by Saturn. If this is the 10th sector, then career growth goes smoothly, as if by magic, and most importantly, it does not cause envy and intrigue behind your back.

Dangers of Saturn-Selena Conjunction

There is another side of the aspect – Selena very often enhances a person’s perfectionism, especially if there are too many elements of the Earth in the card.

A person begins to deify hard physical labor, refines his lifestyle to the point of absurdity, takes various austerities, observes religious fasts to the smallest detail, even when there are health problems.

It seems to the native that if he refuses holidays, spending money on pleasures, laughter, gifts, romance, it will be right and will make his life better. In the pursuit of a higher order with strong religiosity or initially strict upbringing, a person becomes a fanatic of a healthy lifestyle, sinless behavior, begins to condemn other people, which is absolutely impossible to do when combined with Selena.

There are many cases when people took a vow of celibacy, guided by a wrong understanding of religious postulates, or refused money, believing that it is a sin to be rich.

The position of the White Moon with Saturn in the 8th house is rather dangerous. In fact, it protects the native in stressful and destructive events, but does not save him from falling into such situations. The ancestors of the native once saved other people in similar moments, and now the boomerang of karma is returning to the person. He drowns, he is rescued, he is attacked and stopped unable to harm, but getting into such trouble is still unpleasant.

How to work out the connection Selena – Saturn

It is very important not to go to extremes. The aspect encourages you to experience the pleasure of restrictions, and now a person is already exhausting himself on healthy lifestyle diets, taking on the lion’s share of work duties to show his nobility and diligence, refusing personal happiness for the sake of fidelity to God alone, invented by him, although no one from him makes such sacrifices does not require.

Thanks to the conjunction of Saturn with Selena, the honest work of the native is always rewarded, but you need to give yourself a well-deserved rest and develop a sense of proportion. In the topics of the house where the aspect stands and which is ruled by Saturn, it is necessary to be impartial, honest and responsible, then the highest reward will come and remain with the native forever. The second very important point is the development of sincere generosity in oneself without internal expectation to receive something in return. This brings a person to a rare height of Saturn for the layman, where his life changes qualitatively.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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