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Conjunction Uranus – Ascendant. Children of space

The connection of the planets presents a person with a choice: to master the strengths and talents of the tandem, or to be a weather vane, unconsciously switching from one influence to another. If one of the members of the union is the Ascendant, which determines the position in society, and the planet is higher, like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, then the impact will be stronger and brighter when the native is in the spotlight in public. It is difficult for parents and teachers with such children, developed beyond their years: they are like adults in the body of a child.

The eccentricity of the external image, extravagant behavior, artistry and a brilliant mind are the fruits of the combination of the Ascendant and Uranus with a developed culture and spirituality. But with negative aspects, the conjunction portends the birth of a marginalized family, a sect, or under strange circumstances: childbirth during air travel or during auto racing. Parents with an unusual profession shape the worldview and the nature of relations with the world.

The influence of the conjunction of the Ascendant with Uranus on fate

Friendly and inquisitive owners of the aspect feel that they were born to fulfill a great mission, so they look for it everywhere, trying all kinds of genres. They are attracted by everything mysterious, unknown, connected with space, magic and other cultures. With the position of Uranus in the 1st house, the native amazes with unearthly beauty and the speed of a bright mind.

The ability to use the mind as a computer with an extensive database and eloquence provide it the central place of a storyteller and toastmaster in any company. At school there is a chance to be known as a local clown, but growing up, a person learns to present his eccentricity in a dosed manner, and not to bring down a waterfall of unusual interests and talents on the interlocutor.

The owners of the Uranus-Ascendant conjunction are easily given the exact and humanities due to the rare combination of analytical thinking and rich imagination, but the sphere of empathy and empathy remains unknown, with the exception of the position of the Moon and Venus in water signs. They are intrusive in demonstrating exclusivity and tactless in jokes. Uranus in the 12th house influences inner aspirations, the search for answers in modern forms of religion and the occult. Other characteristic signs of the manifestation of the connection:

  • tall, long arms and legs, unusual cut or shade of eyes;
  • brilliant mind, keen intuition, foresight and, as a result, arrogance;
  • love of shocking, aversion to everyday life and routine, the desire to be a star, to live with inspiration and passion;
  • philanthropy of an abstract nature: they want to make the whole planet happy, but do not worry too much about the problems of friends;
  • constant nervous tension, extravagant antics, inattention, frivolity, careless harsh statements are the cause of injuries and failures;
  • talent of an inventor, pilot, cosmonaut, astrologer, artist, teacher, photographer, designer.

The native’s oddities are obvious to those around him, but incomprehensible to him. The owners of the connection sincerely believe that they are behaving adequately to the situation and do not understand why the interlocutors and strangers are shocked by their frank conversations.

Love and marriage at the conjunction of Uranus-Ascendant

The fear of warm feelings and the emergence of emotional dependence provokes light, superficial connections and sex without obligation. The owners of the aspect boast of their independence, and in order to fill the spiritual emptiness they often start several novels at the same time, satisfying the need for attention and a sense of uniqueness. Needless to say, they are opponents of marriage in the classical sense.

If they are lucky enough to meet an unusual and extraordinary partner who can constantly surprise and shock, joke on the verge of cynicism and at the same time show kindness and support in difficult situations, without pulling the palm over themselves, then they will prefer an exotic wedding, for example, in a parachute jump or on the peaks of the Himalayas, and then offer the chosen ones a nomadic life full of adventure and extreme racing.

At least, a journey to the depths of the soul through esoteric experiences is guaranteed for partners, as well as the absence of boredom and constant income for the family budget. It is better to choose satellites with Ascendant in Aquarius and Gemini .

Practical interaction with the Uranus-Ascendant conjunction

The native’s intuition will always tell him the right path to his destiny, if he does not drown her voice with the fear of remaining socially unsuccessful. If this happens, astrology and meditation will help restore the previous clairvoyance.

With bad aspects with the Sun and Moon, the owner of the horoscope can be negatively influenced by parents, forcing him to get a practical profession and give up the desire to be an astrologer or astronaut. But with the conjunction of Uranus – the Ascendant at work, not because of the vocation of money and fame is not to be gained. It will be possible to get rich only by being filled with a flame of inspiration while performing a high mission.

It is important to find an environment where you are allowed to be eccentric, weird and creative, without a dress code and a tight schedule. Among the owners of the aspect there are many IT freelancers, artists, designers, racers.

The courage of Uranus should be translated into relationships, allowing itself a new spiritual experience of drawing closer souls, and not just superficial flirting. At the same time, talk less about yourself and listen more.

Happiness, flexibility of thinking and good luck in love will bring fluorite, blue topaz , turquoise and aquamarine to the owners of the Uranus-Ascendant compound .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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