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Conjunction Uranus – Selena: where wizards are found

The White Moon shows in what area of life a person will be lucky. No danger will happen to him as long as he walks on the top floor of this house and shows the best qualities of the planet with which Selena has the aspect of connection. This is the guardian angel of the horoscope, which will first guide the true path, and then strictly ask if the ward persists in violating the 10 commandments.

Uranus is the highest planet and its influence is difficult to control. He inclines towards impulsive, sudden actions, an original style of behavior, a desire to stand out from the crowd at any cost. Thanks to Selena, a person tries to do it creatively, beautifully and for the benefit of society, but much depends on personal intelligence and spirituality. It happens that the native becomes a freak or a clown in life and thrives on the “hype”.

Features of the conjunction of Selena and Uranus

Many astrologers do not take into account the aspects of Selene with higher planets when analyzing a natal chart. In this regard, indeed, most often the influence is of a general, psychological orientation. The conjunction of the White Moon with Uranus gives a person:

  • original, creative thinking: he thinks and solves any problems differently from other people, and even if there is a ready-made algorithm of actions, he goes his own way;
  • a special sense of style and unusual behavior, expressed in a unique manner of speaking, laughing, dressing, as well as in strange gestures, the use of words invented by him in speech;
  • the ability to foresee the future, to see prophetic dreams (not constantly, as in the aspect with Neptune, but rarely, but aptly, when something emotionally important is coming);
  • luck in the area of the affected house, but only in those cases when a person really needs it, and he concentrates on what he wants, for example, to win money, get first place in a competition, get pregnant (5th house), enter a university, move (9th house) , marry a specific person or defeat an enemy (7th house).

From the outside, the owners of the Selene-Uranus compound look like they are not of this world. They live in the present moment or even mentally in the future, while life seems to take care of them, money literally falls from the sky, they are patronized, they go to an interview and get a position for which people have been fighting for years. Of course, this only works if the aspect is in the appropriate house.

They are like eternal children who do not play by the rules of the majority, while everything they want comes true as if by magic. However, from an astrological point of view, this is seen most often in directions, and not when analyzing a natal chart.

A sudden happy marriage for love, fateful meetings that change lives, happy coincidences, the fulfillment of bold and seemingly unrealizable desires – the connection of Selena with Uranus is always involved in the directions. Therefore, it is desirable to analyze the influence of the aspect pointwise, and not in general for natal.

Another big plus of the aspect is the internal danger warning. It works on the road and in anticipation of natural disasters. A person intuitively understands that there will be an accident soon, can return a plane ticket, anticipating trouble, or wake up half an hour before an earthquake.

Dangers of the connection of Uranus with Selena

The main problem of the aspect is the feeling of permissiveness and omnipotence. If Uranus is strong, in combination with the harmoniously aspected Neptune, the Sun and Mars, it creates an almost instantaneous materialization of the desired.

It is worth a person to dream from the heart, to voice it out loud, as miracles begin to happen. It seems to be not bad, but the native quickly understands what’s what, and few people avoid the temptation to use this gift not only for good, but also for harm, for example, wishing what belongs to another, or cursing offenders.

Uranus turns on impulsively. In anger, the owner of the card may not control himself, making a careless remark in someone’s direction, be it children or close relatives. However, the effect of the good fairy blessing Cinderella also works as a curse on Sleeping Beauty. In a word they bless, in a word they destroy, which is perfectly seen in the example of the conjunction of Uranus with Selena, when not only a pumpkin carriage is created, but the opposite effect according to the word of the native will not keep you waiting.

How to work out the conjunction of Selena with Uranus

It is believed that the aspects of the higher planets cannot be controlled, one must learn to live on the crest of this wave, using the advantages. The superpower of the conjunction of the White Moon with Uranus is the ease in studying esoteric as well as exact sciences, especially physics, electronics and cybernetics.

It is useful and important to study astrology. Through it, the native will be able to find answers to his internal questions and help other people. To bring the light of previously hidden knowledge into the world around us, to make the complex easy to perceive, to change the Universe to the canons of the future, to make discoveries – this is the mission of the owner of the conjunction of Uranus with Selena.

These are great coaches, psychologists, astrologers, tarologists, scientists, inventors. It is these people who are able to create a time machine and other fantastic ideas for the consciousness of the layman, the main thing is that this be done with a good purpose.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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