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Trine Moon – Mercury

Trigon (Trine) of the Moon and Mercury is a harmonious aspect that brings good opportunities, good luck and luck in life to its owner.

The trigon, formed by the neutral planets Moon and Mercury , is a good astrological combination. Since both planets are associated with the processes of perception, storage of information and thinking, the native has good mental abilities and is easy to learn.

The moon and Mercury have a sufficiently high speed of movement, therefore the owner of the aspect is able to quickly and timely respond to changes in the world around. He has flexibility, dexterity and quick wit.

Trine Moon - Mercury

Aspect trine Moon – Mercury and its influence on the character and behavior of a person

If the trine of the Moon and Mercury is present in the natal chart of birth, then the owner of the horoscope has the image of a person who is sociable, attentive, comprehensively developed and friendly. It is easy and interesting to communicate with such people. They not only share useful information, but also show tact and delicacy in the process of communication.

Aspect owners make good negotiators and diplomats. They know how to find the right, right words for any person. They have their own approach to each, and therefore others believe that it is easy to agree with the native and easy to deal with.

It is best for people with this aspect to do activities related to communication and transfer of information. The native can excel in the educational, commercial and literary fields. He can make a good educator, consultant, journalist, trade worker or driver.

Trigon of the Moon and Mercury in the natal chart of a man

If in a man's horoscope there is a harmonious aspect between the Moon and Mercury, then in the representatives of the opposite sex he will value openness, sociability, practicality and a lively mind. There will be many positive moments, interesting events and changes for the better in your personal life.

Trigon of the Moon and Mercury in the natal chart of a woman

The trigon of Mercury and the Moon in a horoscope will tell a woman about her active nature, as well as about thriftiness, contact and love of knowledge. Such a woman knows how to take care of her health and often gives good advice to others.

It is useful for the owner of the aspect to expand her horizons and develop her creativity. Having become a wife and mother, she devotes a lot of time to communication with close people. She discusses plans and new life opportunities with her husband, is happy to personally engage in the intellectual development of children, and participates with them in children's parties and events.  

Trine of the Moon and Mercury in the child's horoscope

This aspect endows the child with good reading ability and love. Curious and sociable kids easily find a common language with both peers and adults.

Long walks in the fresh air, breathing exercises and daily morning physical exercises in a well-ventilated area will strengthen your health.

Moon and Mercury in different signs of the zodiac

Trigon most often unites the influences of planets that are in the same element. If the Moon and Mercury are located in the signs of Fire, then such a person easily finds his way in life and helps others to understand their desires and motivations.

If the planets are in air signs, then the native is distinguished by an easy character, good learning ability and dexterity. He knows how to quickly adapt to changes in life. He has no equal in negotiation, mediation and consulting activities.

Mercury and the Moon in the signs of the Earth will tell about the efficiency, practicality of the native and his ability to manage material resources. The knowledge of such people is not divorced from reality. Holders of the aspect are able to apply the acquired skills in practice.

If the planets mentioned are located in water signs, then the native is distinguished by psychology, high sensitivity and good intuition. These qualities help to sort out a confusing situation and prepare in time for the upcoming changes.

Lilia Garipova

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