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Trine Mercury – Chiron. Born Networker

If tense aspects with Chiron are like unhealed wounds in the soul, when, despite obvious talents, a person doubts himself, then the trine pushes the feeling of vulnerability and insecurity into the background. There is simply no time to worry when the aspect brings so many interesting events and information that you just have time to comprehend.

The symbol of Chiron is the key, and Mercury personifies knowledge, so the native will receive healing of all problems in the process of learning, knowledge, and communication. He always has access to any information, you just have to be interested. However, the positive aspect does not get rid of the low vibrations of Mercury. The temptation to lie, embellish, steal, appropriate the intellectual works of other people can arise constantly if there is no spiritual growth.

The positive influence of the Mercury-Chiron trine

If the owners of squares and oppositions suffer from the imperfection of the world, then the wards of the trine are absolutely calm about other people’s shortcomings, believing that no one is perfect. They can be more critical of themselves with the Ascendant, the Sun and Chiron in Virgo, but in other cases they do not really experience their defeats. The only thing they cannot forgive themselves is the omission of interesting information. If the person himself does not know about the conference, festival, film or performance premiere, he is very worried, but when a friend did not tell about it, it will take a long time to put up.

But usually the streams of facts, gossip, announcements flow to the native like a river. Life develops in such a way that there is always a special access to the database, libraries, archives, personal files. Chiron causes a constant thirst for knowledge, no matter how much you study, it seems that you know little. If such a person needs to speak in public or take an exam, he is afraid of embarrassing himself, although he has never made a mistake and has read three times as much as others.

Positive features of the influence of the Mercury-Chiron trine:

  • a lively, inventive mind, the ability to speak with three boxes, even if he knows the topic superficially, the talent to find a common language with any person and hide his true attitude towards the interlocutor;
  • a huge social circle with useful connections, a person is a born networker, he will make friends anywhere, and if the Ascendant is in fiery signs, then he will lead a freshly baked team;
  • easy learning of foreign languages, computer programs, any sign systems, including musical notation: there may be a unique musical gift if Chiron has a harmonious aspect with Neptune;
  • clairvoyance, clairaudience, extrasensory perception with a strong position of Uranus in the horoscope;
  • good luck in commercial transactions, diplomacy, petty trade, any negotiations;
  • beautiful, graceful speech, a pleasant voice that you want to listen to.

If there are no squares at all in the horoscope, the Mercury-Chiron trine can also play a bad service. It seems to a person that he already knows everything, he may not prepare for an exam or an interview at work and miss important details, forget the necessary documents due to carelessness. The wards of retrograde Mercury are especially guilty of this, but if he has a square with Mars, there is a strong desire to work out his shortcomings.

Trine Mercury-Chiron in a relationship 

If 1, 5, 7 houses are not affected, then the trine affects personal life indirectly. Thanks to sociability and awareness of various recreational activities, the native is always in the center of events. Even owners of retrograde Mercury easily get in touch with people of interest to them in direct communication or through online dating. An additional trine from Uranus increases the desire to meet online, but sometimes virtual relationships seem more attractive than real ones, especially if there is a lot of water in the natal chart.

Owners of Mercury in the 7th house will look primarily for a partner for conversations and adventures. With their help, they unconsciously try to heal the wounds of Chiron in the house and sign where he stands. Often the native chooses a younger companion, which is either due to the desire to be an authority in relationships, or to some trauma of youth, when the painful experience was received from a person who was much older than him and the younger one seems safer.

Chiron in the 7th house gives windiness and a desire for a relationship with a Mercury-type partner who will not restrict freedom.

Study of the trine Mercury-Chiron

Aspect more than others requires active work and conscious inclusion. The owners of the trine are ancient souls, they have a strong memory of great civilizations and recipes for healing. They can unconsciously resort to alternative medicine, calmly attract what they want with the power of thought, literally materializing their needs, but without conscious work with the Mercury-Chiron trine, this will be nothing more than flashes of miracles against the background of everyday life.

In the affairs of houses and signs, where the planets stand, it is necessary to strive to increase the level of education, qualifications, constant self-improvement and communication. If this is the 8th house, then you need to learn financial investment, psychology, esotericism, if the 6th, then come up with a creative system that will make it easier to perform routine tasks (such as fly lady techniques and the Pomodoro method for time management) or professionally study medicine and pharmacy.

In any case, you need to know that everything related to speech, writing, communication can bring pain, and therefore you should learn to use your voice and speech practices for healing purposes, be it psychotherapy, oratory or meditation.

Fine protective talismans will be zoisite, moss agate , green jasper and emerald .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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