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Mercury-Uranus trine

mercury_ts-1Trigon gives its owner ample opportunities in life, and when this astrological aspect connects Mercury and Uranus , the native's success may be associated with any mental activity.

Since both Mercury and Uranus are related to intelligence and knowledge, the native's mind is distinguished by originality and originality. Mercury is a thought, and Uranus is an unexpected flash, a bright enlightenment.

The owner of the aspect is curious, inventive and loves to think about the future. New thoughts come unexpectedly, and they vary in scale. This can be a non-standard approach to solving any issue in everyday life or a great invention that is able to improve the quality of life of all mankind.

Aspect and intellectual features of native

The owner of the aspect in question has a reputation for being resourceful, resourceful, erudite and friendly. People around him like to communicate with him, because he expresses unusual thoughts and bold views on life. Perhaps not all of his judgments are clear, but they have a lot of novelty and love of freedom, and this always attracts attention.

A person whose birth chart contains this aspect does not like patterns in thinking and hackneyed topics. He considers it his task to generate new progressive ideas and support the talented developments of his friends. The native in every possible way welcomes the exchange of opinions, shows loyalty to the worldviews of others and tries to combine a variety of ideas into a single concept.

The subject cannot be imposed on someone else's opinion, even if it is authoritative. It is not in his rules to assent to the powers that be and to adhere to generally accepted rules. The native's mind is very selective. He will not read a book that is not interesting to him, or study a subject that, in his opinion, is not worthy of attention.

The owner of the horoscope can show his extraordinary intellectual abilities in any socially oriented activity. He enjoys communicating with people from different social backgrounds and finding ideas that can unite them.

A person with this aspect can realize himself as a scientist-inventor, engineer, linguist, astronomer, aviation worker.

Trigon of Mercury and Uranus in the children's horoscope

This aspect gives the baby an inquiring mind and a great desire to comprehend the world. The kid can quickly learn to read, because this skill gives him unlimited opportunities to study any objects and phenomena. Parents should not be surprised at the unusual words and phrases that the baby invents. You need to be humorous about such inventions. Children with this aspect are very happy when they are understood.

The child has a wide range of interests, and adults need to support and guide the intellectual development of this young prodigy in every possible way. Such children are attracted to computer programs, the Internet and virtual communication. However, it is still necessary to strictly standardize their use of electronic devices. The child socializes well, and communication with peers and joint learning will give him incentives for future success.

Planets and signs of the zodiac

The trigon between Mercury and Uranus can manifest itself in different ways depending on the signs in which the planets are located.

So, for example, if the aspect connects Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra, then the owner of this configuration directs his attention to the sphere of partnership and relations. Friends and like-minded people play an important role in his life. Building harmonious relationships with others based on the unity of views and common thinking, the native feels happy and fulfilled.

If in the horoscope there is an aspect between Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Scorpio, then a person's attention is concentrated on the inner world of a person, the motives of his activities, his hidden desires and needs. This is a great guide for the psychologist and detective novelist.

Lilia Garipova


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