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Trine Pluto – Lilith: the creation of an idol

The native came into this world with a great mission. If Pluto is actively present even in a conditionally positive aspect, it will not work to ignore your destiny and go with the flow, as often happens with trines of other planets. In the area where Pluto stands, a person needs to move forward, set goals and change himself as they are achieved. After that come fame, success, wealth.

However, this aspect always gives too much, and Lilith distorts the vision of what is happening. As a result, it may turn out like in the cartoon “Golden Antelope”, when the greedy padishah noticed too late that he was drowning in the coveted gold. It is very important not to lose a sense of proportion and not to make yourself an idol for both relatives and the crowd.

Opportunities and problems of the trine Lilith – Pluto

This aspect will always lead its owner to areas where there are many people endowed with power and wealth. He is a true leader himself with a strong will, charisma and pioneering spirit. In crises, he knows how to see the exact place of support from which you can push off and take off.

If we add here the incredible attractiveness and sex appeal that arise due to the powerful reservoir of Plutonian energy, it becomes clear why such people easily become stars and symbols of generations, especially when they have a strong position of the Sun, Mars and Venus.

If you have artistic talent, for example, Venus in Taurus gives a beautiful voice, and Neptune and Venus in Pisces give acting talent, it is not surprising that people are destined to become famous. However, there are other abilities that the carriers of the Pluto-Lilith trine possess:

  • the ability to manage people and subdue the will of the crowd with an incendiary speech and through a personal brand;
  • the gift of a healer, energy therapist, massage therapist with an understanding of where the patient hurts and how to relieve tension, what can manifest itself and how the purpose of being a doctor (preferably in surgery);
  • craving for black magic and witchcraft rituals, with inducing damage through conspiracies (at a low level of development);
  • talent of a psychologist, sexologist, criminologist.

In general, although the trine is a positive aspect, it provides an easy way to get what you want along the line of the planets that create it. When dealing with Lilith and Pluto, one cannot be sure that the result will be for the benefit of everyone. The ego is too much involved here.

That is why a spiritually undeveloped native with such an aspect can be dangerous. After all, destruction is easy for him. And moreover, he gets pleasure from it and a feeling of omnipotence.

Such behavior also spoils his karma, but the result will come later. In fact, the ancestors of the native just overcame their dependence on the dark side of Pluto and the Black Moon, used their abilities not in black magic, for example, but in medicine and psychotherapy, but if a person goes through degradation, the blow of the boomerang will be crushing. The return of karma according to Lilith occurs every 9 years.

Trine Pluto – Lilith and relationships

The owners of the aspect are incredibly sexually attractive to the opposite sex. There is no Neptunian elevation and Venusian seductiveness here, the magnetism of the lava bubbling inside and the barely perceptible veil of the forbidden fruit works here. In the eyes of the native, it is read that he is powerful and unstoppable in love, while he knows his own worth, feels his body well and knows what he wants. At the same time, a person may be far from the canons of beauty, but it is impossible to forget him.

The owners of the trine Pluto – Lilith wake up early interest in sex, so parents should correctly enlighten the child on this topic, otherwise he will find out everything himself, and in a rather rude and vulgar form, especially if Pluto is in 5 or 7 houses, as well as in 11 , which means being involved in a bad company. Thanks to the trine in this grouping, the native will feel good, which does not negate the fact of its negative informal orientation.

Nevertheless, it is important for a person to be a leader in relationships, while he often chooses as partners people with a victim complex who are easy to manipulate, or vice versa, falls in love with aggressors, trying to remake them. In any case, in a relationship, the owner of the trine Pluto – Lilith must change and grow above his innate sense of possessiveness and selfishness.

How to work out the trine Lilith – Pluto

If for some reason the native cannot become someone who is endowed with power, wealth and social influence, he becomes psychologically ill. Do not miss the opportunities that the trine gives:

  • meeting influential people, sponsors, celebrities;
  • invitations to interesting meetings, symposiums, rallies, concerts;
  • castings for films and popular TV shows;
  • crises as opportunities for growth, not an occasion for suffering and self-criticism;
  • public speaking and charity events;
  • financial education even at the course level.

Financial freedom is very important for the owner of the Pluto-Lilith trine, so you need to save and invest from an early age. Under a strict ban on black magic, but the study of astrology, on the contrary, will benefit. The more a person generously gives to people, helping to solve their problems, the happier he becomes.

The talisman stone that controls the energy of the aspect will be black tourmaline.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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