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Trigon Ascending (Descending) Node – Lilith: dragonfly in amber

The axis of karmic knots contains complete information about the past of the native kind and about his destiny in this life. Analyzing the signs and houses where the nodes are located, as well as aspects with other planets, one can understand for what purpose a person came into the world, calculate the reference points of favorable opportunities and dangerous repetitions of mistakes. Everything related to the previous incarnation shows the Descending (South) Node. It is more familiar and easier to live according to it, because the subconscious mind stores the memory of familiar patterns of behavior and response.

However, now you need to master the new path of the Ascending (Northern) Node, which is not always easy, but each victory gives a feeling of happiness and fullness of life. The trigon with Lilith is not similar to those with personal and social planets. Its beneficial energy lulls vigilance and drags into the whirlpool of intoxicating permissiveness, sometimes leading astray, and the native gets stuck in a trap like a dragonfly in a piece of amber, not understanding how to get out.

Karma trine Lilith with Ascending (Descending) node

Lilith (Black Moon) has a bad reputation. This is a fictitious point that sucks strength and energy from another planet, however, the nodes themselves do not have a personal charge, respectively, it cannot take it away. It is important to understand here that Lilith makes the place of her position extremely important for a person. He literally sticks to the theme of this house and sign, and the trine with any of the nodes further enhances this significance, and also pulls up the chain of events on the outer plane in order to accurately involve the native in this whirlpool.

Taken separately, the energy of Lilith is very similar to the impact of the South (Descending) Node. The owner of the horoscope takes incredible pleasure in doing what is easy and effortless, but at the same time he does not have a sense of proportion, or he does not see the line between good and evil. He does not want to go into the unknown and the trials of the North (Ascending) Node, because it is so nice and wonderful to receive fame, money and success without any moral attitudes and spiritual quests.

These are careerists, swindlers, artists, adventurers, who have been able to get everything from life since a past life. However, in the previous incarnation, in addition to vicious pleasures, they also performed good deeds. The sextile with the North Node will tell about this – the key to freedom from the sweet shackles of the Black Moon.

The trine of the Ascending Node with Lilith is a sign of some material advantage of the native’s past life. That was the temptation and stumbling block: wealth, some talent, beauty, social status by birth, even belonging to some nationality or race.

It is important to consider Lilith’s sextile with the South Node in order to understand specifically: what qualities now need to be worked out and brought to a new level of the upper floor of the Black Moon, since she will always tempt with the comfort zone of a past life without morality and restrictions.

Features of the trine Lilith with the Ascending Node

The karmic task is to develop talent in the sphere of the location of the black moon on the highest floor of this sign. For example, if it is in Gemini, then at a low level of development a person will succeed due to gossip, intrigue, false propaganda, due to the distortion of facts. The trigon itself will not prevent this, because it accelerates and allows development along any floor of the planet or, in this case, a fictitious point.

However, the deceit of Lilith is that at first she gives all the benefits as bonuses, and after 9 years the created evil returns as a boomerang. At the same time, at the highest level, the same Black Moon in Gemini gives the gift of a politician, actor, writer and journalist who can clearly see the dark side of a person’s consciousness and help to cope with it through emotional-figurative therapy.

In a similar way, you need to bring your Lilith to serve your destiny through the Ascending Node. If, for example, he is in the 7th house, then you need to use the gift for advice on relationships, partnership business, if in the 8th, then learn to manage finances without condemning someone else’s wealth.

The achievement of the goal is facilitated by the positive qualities of Lilith: artistry, charm, the ability to profitably present oneself through the elegance of manners and enveloping speech.

Features of the trine Lilith with the Descending Node

A person will have to go through the temptation of his own uniqueness, and here much will depend on the overall picture of the natal chart. If there is an abundance of trines, then he will again sit on the throne and prepare to receive admiration and material offerings from admirers. Such people have a hypnotic effect on others. All doors open before them, even strangers seek to please them just like that. This is a continuation of their previous incarnation in a pleasant comfort zone. The trap is that without development along the North Node, luck ends after about 27 years, and a person has not learned to give.

The presence of squares and oppositions in the dominant will give a situation where there is a crown on the native’s head, but no one is in a hurry to recognize him as a king or queen, on the contrary, they make it clear that no honors and privileges will be given out just like that. This is a more favorable situation for development, when a person understands that one must not only take, but also give love, support, attention, use Lilith’s talents with the help of tools prescribed in the symbolism of the houses of the Ascending (Descending) nodes, for the benefit of society.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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