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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Midheaven Meridian: Born to Fly

The life goal of any person is encoded in the natal chart, on the axis of the lunar nodes . The heritage of the ancestors and the experience of the past life of the native himself is encrypted in the Descending (South) Node. In the sphere of the house and the sign where it is located, it is easy for a person to manifest himself as a talented and bright personality. However, in this incarnation, the purpose is to gain a new unique experience in the area of the Ascending (North) Node.

The Midheaven Meridian crosses the cusp of the 10th house . This is the highest point of the horoscope, a place of fame and success. A trigon from her to one of the nodes is a sign of the elect from above, but not everyone is waiting for universal success, because it’s not enough to be born gifted and kissed by angels, you also need to make personal efforts, persistently go towards your goal, and the owners of trines have problems with this.

Karma of the trigon Middle of the sky – Ascending (Descending) node

The Meridian of the Midheaven (MC) denotes the most public place in the horoscope. This is a calling that must be fulfilled in order to fulfill your destiny.

The favorable energy of the trigon helps a person to fulfill any, the most daring dream associated with a career, professional realization, obtaining social status, because in a past life he earned the right to be a popular and revered person.

The holders of the trine of the Midheaven with the Descending Node in a past life were celebrities or held a high position in society. Since their achievements and the activity itself benefited people, such good karma was reflected in the map as a trine. However, not all so simple.

The South Descending Node usually blocks events in a person’s life if he stubbornly longs for a repetition of the pleasant experience of the past and ignores the need for a new one in the opposite sphere (the nodes are always opposite each other).

Therefore, 2 scenarios are possible:

  • the native tries to repeat the pleasant experience of the past and strives for glory at any cost, but then you have to pay for it: burnout, disappointment, betrayal;
  • the native understands that he can easily become popular in his business, but he is bored and uninterested, because the subconscious mind remembers how much effort he spent on it in a past life, so his ego is calm and there is no desire to leave the comfort zone.

The owner of the trine Midheaven – Ascending Node came to this world to gain the experience of a superstar. In a past life, he sacrificed a lot for the glory of other people, whom he served faithfully, or developed his talents, but did not receive a worthy reward, remained in the shadows instead of well-deserved fame. Now it remains for him to go through the last stage of the finish line and take the winner’s cup.

The karmic task is to be a public person, set global goals and receive public recognition.

Features of the Midheaven Trine with Descending Node

Perhaps there were many popular and worthy people in the native family. If so, he will want to follow in their footsteps, or vice versa, he will choose a radically opposite field of activity in which he wants to become famous.

The problem is that with the Midheaven-South Node trine, there are two important points to consider if the desire to be a popular public figure dominates other goals.

When choosing a profession according to the sign of the Descending Node or continuing the family dynasty, you will have to:

  • give up individual achievements and work as part of a group (for example, not a soloist, but a member of a quartet, a co-author of a project), or one must actively engage in charity work in this area;
  • having achieved success in the South Node, transfer this experience to the North Node in order to use the skills with benefit in new activities.

The trigon of the South Node with MC gives easy glory in youth, but often the native falls into strong temptations and it is more difficult for him to start mastering the karmic task in the opposite sphere. The main quality of such a person is communication skills and a sense of self-worth, which helps to be on an equal footing with the authorities and win them over.

Features of the trine Midheaven – Ascending Node

These people came into the world to become famous for their productive work. Whatever area they choose, they will be successful. This is expressed in an almost magical combination of circumstances, obtaining the necessary information, meeting useful people, as soon as they move towards the desired goal.

However, to speed up the process, it is important to choose the right calling. This is not only a profession, but also social activities, circle of friends and even relatives that appear in life after marriage. To do this, you need to carefully analyze not only the floors of the 10th house, but also compare them with the 9th, because in order to succeed in your career, you need to enter a suitable university, which will also affect the native’s social circle and the choice of a life partner as well.

It happens that fate itself takes a person away from the wrong path. If the native goes to the wrong place, he may even get sick and miss the entrance exams, or fail the interview, but randomly ends up in another place where he finds his dream job. Therefore, it is important to follow the signs of fate if they correspond to the relationships of the 1-4-9-10 houses of his horoscope.

When there is a tense aspect between the 4th and 10th sectors, a person will have to choose: a family or a career, but the trine MC – the North Node gives an unequivocal answer: if you follow your calling, then the relationship will improve by itself.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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