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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Mercury: happiness from the mind

It is impossible to imagine a happy life and full-fledged self-realization without a strong and harmonious Mercury . This planet is responsible for the level of intelligence, sociability, the ability to speak beautifully and easily, acquire new knowledge and win over others. If a native has a trigon of Mercury with lunar nodes in the chart , then, thanks to past lives, he has earned the right to retain all the skills, experience, and developed mind gained in that incarnation.

They are stored, as if on a flash drive, in the depths of the mind, and if it is activated, then any Mercurial activity will bring fame and success in society.

Trine is a favorable aspect, but not a guarantee that all of the above will be revealed on its own. It is important to understand in which areas you need to remember past developments, and then determine the direction for developing new horizons.

Mercury Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Aspects of Mercury help to understand exactly how a person thinks, perceives and transmits information, communicates with others and expresses his emotions with words and facial expressions.

The trine of the Ascending Lunar Node (aka the North) shows that it is vital for the native to study all his life, because in the past incarnation he overcame obstacles in order to gain the necessary knowledge. Perhaps it was a woman who studied mathematics, writing and foreign languages at a time when it was forbidden to the fairer sex, or a man from a poor family did his best to become a doctor and scientist.

This aspect is a gift from higher powers, permission to continue studying and intellectual activity, but there is one more nuance. If the trine of Mercury with the North Node affects the sign of Gemini or Aquarius, as well as 3 or 9 houses, then in a past life a person was a teacher, and now it’s time to become a student, to return the novelty of knowledge to a higher level of development, so as not to stiffen at the old level.

The trine of Mercury with the Descending (aka South) node has a completely different task. It shows that in the affairs of the affected houses and signs, the native has already reached perfection in a past life. Up to adulthood, he needs to remember all his talents in these areas, learn to speak successfully again in public, possess information and instantly analyze facts, be an opinion leader, lead people to good goals through the word and burn hearts with the verb in writing. However, then you need to apply all this in the sphere of the ascending node.

For example, if he is in Libra, and Descending is in Aries, then a person hone his skills as a speaker in violent disputes, study the tactics of opponents, defending the truth, zealously study tons of information of interest in order to win, and this will then make him a skillful and seasoned diplomat.

Features of the Mercury trine with the Descending Node

The native is distinguished by original thinking, a sharp and quick mind. He rallies close relatives around him, especially those who are younger than him, and in general, children and adolescents feel sympathy for him, which makes him a priori an ideal teacher-friend who studies himself, learns new things, and therefore is well versed in modern trends and approves of various youth trends.

You can not hang on the same level and teach from above. The karmic task is to be a student who is always hungry for new knowledge, but not to forget to share discoveries with others.

It is easy for men and women with the trine Mercury – North Node to contact the first person they meet, the main thing is that this does not turn into excessive talkativeness. It is very important to keep other people’s secrets, otherwise it will be difficult to keep your secrets later.

Native from an early age becomes popular already at school and college. Moreover, it is fame that contributes to the development of brilliant ideas. The living mind of the owner of the aspect will fade into obscurity. These are not the people who write to the table. They are inspired by admiring applause.

In the future, huge success awaits them in journalism, including radio and television, show business, social networks, trade, if it is a small business, and financial analytics (Mercury in Virgo or Capricorn).

Features of the Mercury trine with the Descending Node

The south node shows the limit of past karma. You can start from it, but it is important to remember that any abuse of negative Mercurial qualities simply blocks the favorable energy of the trine, and moreover, gossip, intrigue, slander and even theft return back like a boomerang.

The fact is that any intellectual activity is very easy for a native with a trine of Mercury with the Descending Node, but also the language of such a person is boneless, and imagination is without a limiter.

If he tells stories, he likes to embellish both events and his role in them. He really needs to feel the admiration of the interlocutor, and the one who ignores or does not laugh at his joke instantly goes into the category of strangers.

Therefore, once the native feels that he owns the minds and feelings of those around him, including setting them up against his rivals, the temptation to use such power for personal gain becomes too strong. And the truth is, if he slanders someone, they will believe. Create a cunning intrigue – the ends will not be found.

This works for the time being, but then the created evil is suddenly repeated in the fate of the native. It is important to be honest and fair, because trine Mercury – the South Node more than bestows oratory, excellent memory, sense of humor, artistry and charm, the ability to make useful connections, and this is enough to start immediately to the stars in any field.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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