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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Neptune: the energy of pure love

A planet in aspect with the axis of karmic knots colors them with its energy and it turns out that it is she who has a fateful influence. Without development in this vein, it is impossible to gain support on the platform of tribal experience, and even more so, to realize your future.

Neptune is the highest planet, one of the most complex and eluding specific decoding. He endows with strong intuition, creative talents in the field of music, painting, acting, and at the same time, at a low level of development, attracts into the fog of alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships. Most often, the trine gives a positive influence, but the problem is that the native can get perverse pleasure from destructive addictions, and then you need to consciously bring the trine to the higher floors of Neptune.

Neptune Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

A very subtle interpretation is needed here, in which fate and the generic logical chain of a particular card holder are separated from generational karma. Neptune has been in the same sign for 15 years, and of course, it is impossible to reduce the karma of all those born during this period to a single denominator, although they will have something in common: intuition on the verge of clairvoyance, artistic talents, plasticity of the body, spirituality of intentions and the feeling that you came into the world for great things. This is quite justified, since in a past life a person really came into contact with high energies as:

  • a musician, entertainer, painter, painter or photographer;
  • a priest, a nun, a hermit, or just a spiritually rich person leading a pious life;
  • doctor, healer, witch, herbalist, alchemist.

In all these hypostases, the native showed himself not only creatively, but approached the matter from the spiritual and esoteric side from the position of mercy and selflessness. Even as an artist and not a healer, he could give up family or material pleasures in order to devote himself to his beloved work or art.

In addition, the trine of Neptune with lunar nodes indicates the presence of sailors or even seafaring travelers in the family, because of which the native has a strong craving for the ocean and a desire to realize himself as a ship captain, marine biologist or even just a dolphinarium worker.

Features of the trine of Neptune with the Descending Node

Usually, this aspect implies that Neptune is in sextile with the Ascending (North) Node, which means that the development of talents in this direction will help a person break away from the attraction of the Descending (South) Node.

To be honest, if there is no strong Mars and Saturn in the chart, then getting out of the comfort zone of the past is almost impossible. Karmically, it is very important to re-master the talents and skills of the Descending Node in the first half of life. The native succeeds without problems. Such people are musical, sensitive and compassionate from childhood. They arouse the sympathy of others and are always ready to rush to help, listen, cure, help financially. From an early age, their creative vein beats in unison with the demands of society, so fame and recognition come easily as a result of participation in music and acting competitions, art exhibitions.

However, no matter how much the native would like to soar on the wings of creativity and be out of this world, his task in this incarnation is connected with the realization along the Ascending Node, but with the preservation of the gifts of the Descending Node: mercy, creativity, empathy, the ability to psychologically adjust to any person and calm down conflicts. If a person continues to live in the sphere of the South Node, he is threatened with burnout, addiction to alcohol and disappointment in partnerships of any nature.

Great care must be taken with people with the sign of Pisces or the corresponding sign of the Descending Node. They have a hypnotic effect on the native and may prevent him from completing his karmic task. These are most often his associates from the past. They can help at a certain stage of development, but no more.

Features of the Neptune Trine with the Ascending Node

The mission of a person is to be the creator and conductor of the light energy of mercy, the very divine love that Christ spoke about: non-resistance to evil by violence. Responding to insults with kindness, creating beautiful creative works that warm people’s hearts with faith and hope, the native follows the path of the Neptune-Ascending Node trine.

Do not flatter yourself that it will be strewn with roses, because there are too many adherents of the dark side in the world.

The native needs to prepare that his bright art will be criticized and even ridiculed, but thanks to the positive energy of the trine, he will be able to overcome any problems and win.

The problem is that a person unfamiliar with astrology does not understand that such black bars are a temporary phenomenon, and due to Neptunian sensitivity and a distorted perception of reality, they can fall into the abyss of despair and depression, while it is enough to reach out and take the cup of the winner. This is why the seemingly beneficent aspect of Neptune’s trine with the North Node does not, in and of itself, get the person out of trouble. It is necessary to develop Mars, Saturn and Mercury in order to defend the right to do good and help people.

Great help to the native will be provided by partners born under the sign of Pisces, or possessing the qualities of a sign in which the North (Ascending) node stands. These are teachers sent as a reward for selfless service to the light in a past life.

It is also useful to develop your creative talents: to sing, draw, dance, perform in public in general, but the mission of the native can also be in medicine, psychology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, maritime affairs.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Neptune Trine South Node:


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