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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Uranus: Liberals in Power

Lunar nodes are important not only in karmic astrology. This is a general vector of development from the point of no return of the Descending (South) Node, where the peaks of mastery have already been taken, to a new goal in the area where a person has no experience: in the house and the sign of the Ascending (North) Node. Even if we omit the topic of reincarnation, everyone has an ancestral memory. The accumulated experience of the ancestors sooner or later overflows the bowl of the Descending Node.

The task of the native is to use it in a new niche, but not rest on their laurels, because, of course, this road is much easier.

Uranus is the highest planet, which in itself is a symbol of innovators and pioneers, destroying old structures in order to build a supernova world. The native is initially endowed with the gift of foresight, both spontaneous and purposeful, when he invents something and then embodies it in reality. The problem is that the permissiveness of the trigon can distort the worldview, and for the sake of a great idea, the native will sacrifice those whom he considers pawns.

Uranus Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Trine is a favorable aspect. This is a kind of guarantee that positive energy from its highest floor comes from the planet to one or another node. But Uranus would not be the king of eccentrics if he simply endowed a person with original ideas and the ability to stay ahead of the future.

Its energy cools emotionality and it turns out that for the sake of the mission of the North Node, a person will easily sacrifice personal life or friendship, and according to the South Node, he initially disowns them, remembering that once, in a past life, he was unable to fulfill high dreams because of the need support a family or some social conventions.

The trigon of Uranus with nodes is a sure sign that in a past life a person stood out from his usual environment with revolutionary and bold ideas and a desire to transform the world for the better.

He chose an unusual profession for his time on the verge of esotericism. These were the first astrologers, physicists, engineers, doctors, inventors, innovative artists who worked in strange or unusual conditions.

To illustrate the trine of Uranus with the Ascending and Descending nodes, you can take the images of Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla. Most likely, the ancestors of the native were also interested in secret scientific trends or worked openly in these areas. Most often, this activity was more important for them than family and personal relationships.

The only difference is that the owner of the trine with the South Node in a past life received public recognition, and the ward of the North Node experienced difficulties, obstacles, but stubbornly walked towards his goal. As a reward, he was given the opportunity to gain new experience of success in the area where he did not have time to implement his projects. If the native turns to the history of his kind, he will find that there were characters with destinies similar to the above scenario. The easier it will be to calculate their mistakes and reach a new level.

Features of the Uranus trine with the Descending Node

Aspect forms an incredibly free-spirited personality with a strong sense of individualism. From childhood, the native stands out from the crowd both outwardly: with a defiant style of clothing and behavior, and with a sharp mind, and the ability to transform the world around to please his desires.

He has strange dreams, and insights and original ideas come as short-term visions that may well be memories from the past. In all Uranian topics: astrology, medicine, programming, physics, electronics, film and television, a person is accompanied by easy success as a gift from the South Node.

The danger is to fall into the temptation of permissiveness, to become a propagandist and nihilist, destroying moral principles for the sake of originality of their advertising campaigns and TV shows. Even if the native does not become famous, which is unlikely, because the trine Uranus – the Descending Node literally pushes a person to the big screen, in his narrow circle he will destroy the foundations and traditions if he does not throw indefatigable energy in time to master the Ascending. It is there that you need to look for original ways of self-expression, carry out reforms and follow the prompts of intuition.

Features of the trine Uranus – Ascending Node

Original thinking, courage and even peremptory judgments, cold-blooded progress towards the goal are ambiguous things, but not in this case. The mission of the native is to change the world for the better, and if there are no other indicators like a strong Venus and the Moon, then it is work and career that become the primary sphere of life.

The aspect speaks of the need to be a unique individual in the area of sign and house affairs of the North Node. If in a past life a person had to do what he loved in secret, now the whole world helps to realize his bold ideas. It is necessary to impose uranic energies on the house where the Ascending Node stands in order to concretize your niche of implementation.

Most often, the native is drawn to politics in order to progressively reform social life, and the native really sees the future in the areas of finance, health, education and can help his organization get ahead of competitors. If he chooses medicine, he uses only the newest and most modern methods of treatment, and in his work he creates grotesque fantastic images that may not immediately conquer the audience, but amaze the imagination with the courage of thought. Danger – in isolation from reality, arrogance and pride. It is important to clearly understand what society is ready to accept right now, and what should be offered at another time.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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