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Trigon Jupiter-Uranus. Looking for a foothold to turn the Earth around

Trigon symbolizes good luck in life. This is the most favorable aspect that arises between the planets that are in the signs of the same element. If there are several such connections, a person can without straining to receive benefits and honors in the first half of life. Subsequently, the unused creative energy of the planets is blocked from above.

This is often the case with complex unions of antipodes, but it does not apply to the Jupiter-Uranus trine, which combines the desire for education, charity and public respect with independent free thinking and innovative inventions. These are the lucky ones who have luck along the line of houses where the planets stand. They wake up famous overnight and experience amazing travel adventures, where others just lie on their sun loungers and walk decorously around the hotel grounds.

Jupiter-Uranus trigon possibilities

In dreams of glory, one should choose the line of Uranus , applying a non-standard approach in work and creativity, choosing the direction of astrology, radio and television, physics and aviation. It is advisable to move away from the generally accepted image of a specialist in these areas and introduce a new reading of the topic. Promotes public acceptance and personal charm. True, the trine (trine) sometimes brings scandalous popularity or generates a wave of censure if the planets are weakened.

The need for freedom of expression and independence often makes the native a political oppositionist, chases success to foreign lands or pushes secret Masonic societies to join. However, organizational skills and the need for an environment of like-minded people encourage the owners of the Jupiter-Uranus trine to create their own company, a creative and scientific movement, adhering to the proverb that the king is made by the retinue. In any case, it is important to rely on the strengths of the aspect:

  • originality, artistry, developed intelligence, determination;
  • hospitality, optimism, ease of making and maintaining useful contacts;
  • the ability to evoke friendly sympathy and be on a short leg with high ranks;
  • attracting finance in non-standard ways, through creativity or adventurous enterprises;
  • success in a career and wealth through investment, artistic creation, inheritance;
  • heightened intuition and the gift to win in gambling;
  • cooperation with foreigners brings success and money;
  • social activity, religiosity, justice, generosity.

The native is a paradoxical person. A passion for discovery, scientific breakthrough, and world exploration borders on the cracks when it comes to home, relationships, and faith. Trine carriers often travel, but do not think of life far from their homeland, especially if Jupiter is in the 4th house .

Love and family in the trigon Jupiter-Uranus

Men and women with this aspect come across as refined and sleek representatives of the aristocracy, albeit with a devilish look in their eyes. They are charming and outwardly friendly. However, Uranian coldness affects the character, especially if the solar or rising sign is in the air element. Emotional coldness and superficiality of feelings does not allow them to understand the depth of the partner’s feelings and sacrifice in the name of love.

Holders of the Jupiter-Uranus trine rather expect that a loved one should forget about their interests for the sake of their high mission. Men of this type will prefer a housewife and a highly intelligent lover on the side, or the spouse will have to prove the right to combine the two roles. Girls with the Jupiter-Uranus trine are tuned in to a career or secular radiance in the spotlights of fame as a model, actress or blogger, so they also will not associate themselves with a person who dares to limit their freedom of expression. But an inaccessible and mocking careerist with free views of family and marriage will attract their attention.

Practical interaction with the Jupiter-Uranus trigon

Any astrologer will call this aspect the diamond of the horoscope. It is all the more surprising that often the owners of the treasure get so used to the abundance of successful opportunities and wonderful coincidences that they stop using them. They believe that this will always be the case and do not develop talents properly. It is necessary to draw up a schedule of goals, a plan for achieving them and work on self-improvement and strictly follow it. Holders of the Jupiter-Uranus trine tend to be overweight in the second half of their lives, and having got used to success with the opposite sex, they stop regularly playing sports and looking after their appearance, believing that beauty and sex appeal are forever.

As a result, a critical attitude towards oneself is lost, and only a glimmer in the eyes remains of a bright extraordinary personality. However, if you set a goal, supporting the stars until old age can preserve energy and beauty.

It is important for carriers of the Jupiter-Uranus trine to travel a lot to European countries, undergo an internship there or work on an exchange.

To enhance the effect of the aspect with the help of the energy of natural stones, the main attention should be paid to Jupiter, since Uranus is the highest planet. Jewelry with lapis lazuli , amethyst , chrysocolla, aquamarine will awaken Jupiter qualities of the highest quality.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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