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Venus in the 3rd house

Venus in the 3rd house is a fairly good location of this star. Venus is responsible for the ability to create balance in relationships, to establish cooperation and partnerships, and her being in the 3rd house of the horoscope – the field of communication and communication – makes a person doubly effective in these areas.

In addition, Venus symbolizes the creative activity of a person. The luminary in the 3rd house informs the native of the interest in the world of art, fashion and beauty.

Native talents and abilities

The owner of Venus, located in the 3rd house of the birth chart, makes a pleasant impression due to politeness, tact and diplomacy. He does not allow harshness and rudeness in communicating with others. Friendliness, sincere interest in the affairs of others, sociability and refined manners make him a welcome companion and partner.

Such a person has the gift of eloquence. He knows how to express his thoughts easily, beautifully, figuratively and gracefully. It is interesting to read and listen to. The native himself is fond of literature, loves to visit exhibitions, museums, cinema and theaters. His interests may also include painting and calligraphy. Subject loves to be creative in writing, experimenting with typefaces, diligently choosing background and lettering colors, and inserting suitable illustrations.

The owner of Venus in the 3rd house from early youth shows a great interest in the field of partnerships and love relationships. Such a person knows how to express his feelings in a beautiful way. Love is what delights and inspires him. He loves romantic meetings, walks and travel. The subject can write heartfelt messages in verse to his beloved. He gives them affectionate nicknames, talks to them for hours on the phone or on social networks.

Venus in some zodiac signs

The most natural and harmonious Venus expresses its strength in the signs of Libra , Taurus and Pisces . Strong Venus in the 3rd house gives a person bright intellectual talents and abilities in the field of art.

In addition, the native understands legal issues, knows how to make a correct assessment of the cost of goods and services, and therefore has every chance of succeeding in the trade and financial sphere.


Venus in the 3rd house of a man

A man with Venus in the 3rd house of the horoscope has no problems with dating and making love relationships. It is not difficult for him to meet a lady he likes on the street or on the Internet. In such a relationship, there is a lot of flirting, exchange of impressions and exciting trips.

If Venus in a man's horoscope is damaged, then this indicates his frivolity and inconstancy. He can communicate with several girls in parallel. Relationships are easy to start and after a while they suddenly come to naught. Mutual interest quickly fades away, common topics of conversation disappear, and the man switches to another beautiful stranger. The best relationship will develop with a versatile woman, erudite, easy-going and loving the diversity of life.

Venus in the 3rd house of a woman

A woman with Venus in the 3rd house is light, charming and talkative. She loves to study, share interesting news and take short fun trips. Communication with relatives takes an important place in her life. If the planet is harmonious and strong in quality (for example, it is in Libra ), then interaction with sisters and brothers, acquaintances, friends, neighbors brings a lot of pleasure.

In personal life, there should be a lot of communication, common affairs, travel, exchange of views and new information. It will be most interesting with a creative, versatile, inquisitive and well-read partner.

Lilia Garipova


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