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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Mars

Lunar nodes are symbols of karmic experience. The descending one shows what a person came into this world with: his sins, talents, knowledge that easily pop up in memory. With this baggage, he goes in the direction of the Ascending Node, and the house, sign and planets nearby show how and where it is necessary to develop in order to fulfill his karmic task and destiny in the 10th sector of the horoscope.

Mars is considered a symbol of problems and adversity, however, in combination with the North, Ascending Node, it allows you to boldly face obstacles and literally sweep them out of the way. Any initiative brings success, but can lead to destruction, since Rahu does not limit the planet in conjunction in its manifestation.

The situation is quite different with the union of Mars and the Descending Node. The energy of militancy is blocked, which gives a strong shyness, irascibility, which a person suppresses, inadequate irritation with people for no reason, which can again lead to the sad consequences of a past life.

The Karmic Influence of the Ascending-Descent Node Conjunction with Mars

Interestingly, in the case of Mars, the connection to the North Node is not always positive. This aspect involves the development and strengthening of the qualities associated with the planet in this incarnation, but if the native is by nature quiet and calm, it is as if on purpose that he is confronted with different opponents, and the circumstances around him provoke him to display courage, leadership qualities and activity bordering on aggressiveness.

The age of 37-38 years is especially dangerous for a person, when the knots return. If a person has avoided conflicts instead of resolving them, he may even end up in a war zone to finally manifest Martian power.

There may be 2 options here:

  • the native in a past life was a leader who solved other people’s problems, boldly defended the weak, fought for the highest values, so he confidently continues to show himself as the main one;
  • the native is tired of aggression and constant being in the midst of various battles, and now wants to lead a quiet and calm lifestyle, ignoring the wreath of the leader and commander, which belongs to him by right.

It is important to remember that the second option will only add problems that you still have to solve, so it’s better to immediately follow the path of a leader, play sports, not strive for violence, but be able to protect yourself and loved ones.

The conjunction of Mars with the South Node, on the contrary, includes the memory of how arrogance, violence and aggression helped to cope with problems. Most often, the native was cruel and could die as a result of a fight or on the battlefield. Now he is given a chance to show the highest qualities of Mars without slaughter and blood.

The native is forbidden to show aggression and fight even for a just cause, if it is a personal matter. He will not be allowed to clench his fist, the police will immediately appear. Moreover, it is desirable to avoid conflicts and toxic people, because in a past life the native suffered because of them or was the same himself.

The influence of the conjunction of Mars with the Ascending Node on men and women

For a correct understanding of the aspect, it is important to immediately determine which houses in the chart are ruled by Mars. It is they who will become the arena of quick and decisive actions of the native and the place of passing the karmic experience.

A woman with a conjunction of Mars and the North Node is a man in a skirt. She will not sit at home, moreover, it is dangerous with auto-aggression and psychosomatic diseases. She needs to be realized at work, lead and feel like a leader. Often marriage is on the 2nd plane, because with such a powerful inner strength it is difficult to find a worthy life partner. It is symbolically replaced by a favorite thing, so it is important for such a woman to decide early on her destiny in the 10th house.

The connection of Mars with the Ascending Node in a man gives a huge potential of energy to achieve any goal. It is desirable that these be politics, sports, business and military affairs. The house of the aspect is also important. For example, the Olympic champion Mark Spitz had a connection in the 2nd house, and from an early age he accustomed his body to record loads.

Interestingly, many military figures have Mars in conjunction with Rahu in Libra, and although initially this is a weak position, it is the desire to prove to themselves and others that “I can do everything” that encourages a man to go into sports and the army. The main thing is not to cross the line of what is permitted, to avoid aggression for the sake of violence and destruction, because this will greatly spoil the karma.

Mars conjunct the Descending Node for men and women

Here it is also important to take into account which houses the red planet rules, but the goal is different: in these topics there will be problems, conflicts and obstacles that must be overcome stubbornly, but humbly, without venting evil on others.

If Mars is strong in sign, then the ancestors of the native were involved in violence and military aggression. A weak position speaks of sacrifice and death from an accident or attack. Now the native needs to be as polite as possible and not provoke conflicts.

This, of course, does not mean that he will not die a natural death, on the contrary, by correctly using the energy of Mars, there is an opportunity to work out karma.

A woman with the conjunction of Mars and Ketu needs to be very careful with potentially dangerous men, not to hold grudges and resentments against her husband and boss, so as not to launch destructive programs. At work, it is better to be an executor or substitute, despite strong ambitions, and in marriage, to recognize the leadership of a spouse.

A man is given strength only for a just cause, to protect himself, his family and his homeland, so sport is also needed and important here. In general, all the talents of Mars: strategic thinking, athletic abilities, physical strength, the skill of a carpenter, carpenter, designer, architect, gardener must be used for the benefit of others, and then everything will be in order. Negative emotions are best dumped in sex.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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