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Jupiter in the 6th house of the relocation chart

The movement of personal planets in the horoscope of the move will unmistakably show the changes that await a person in a new place of residence. This is an irreplaceable benefit in the case when you need to make a choice from several cities regarding your main preferences. If love is more important, then they look at Venus , the Moon and the Sun , but if luck in professional implementation is in the first place, then Jupiter , the planet of great happiness, wealth and luck, should not be overlooked .

When he moves into the 6th house , you can be sure of expanding opportunities at work if the native is listed in some firm, organization, for hire. He will have a lot of opportunities to express himself and show his talents. In addition, you must be prepared that you will not have to take a sick leave, because the level of personal energy will increase, chronic diseases will disappear. However, all this is typical for the owners of a harmoniously aspected planet; otherwise, compensators are needed.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 6th house of the relocation chart

Do not expect instant changes from moving the planet of luck. They will definitely be, but not as fast as in the case of the transition of Mercury and the Moon to other houses. Therefore, it is necessary to act in anticipation of the desired changes, so that when they occur, appear in all its splendor and grab luck by the tail.

The sixth house is associated with employment and health, so if the native realizes himself as an individual entrepreneur, this sector is better considered as an additional energy source, or the person will be lucky with employees.

It is important to understand from which sector Jupiter moved to the 6th house of relocation. Most often it ends up there, shifting from the nearest 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th.

In the first case, work becomes a home. If there are positive aspects, it will be out of love, when the native sincerely does not want to leave his office. But the negative connections between the planets force a person to be at work most of the time, or do it at home.

The transition from the 5th house of the relocation map to the 6th one also encourages you to do what you love, and the old unexpected is seen in a new angle of pleasure from the work done. The native may fall in love with one of his colleagues or with a subordinate.

The reverse movement from the 7th to the 6th helps to gain strong business ties, gives good luck in working with documents, in lawsuits, especially those related to money and the division of property. The number of clients is increasing.

The transition of Jupiter from the 8th natal to the 6th location can be the beginning of good earnings in esotericism, astrology, financial and legal spheres, but at the same time the topic of taxes comes to the fore, and if there are problems, they will also intensify.

Jupiter in 6th house relocation and work

If the native is engaged in hiring, his working conditions will improve. He will work in a luxurious office of a prestigious company, or the contract provides for a huge social package. You can count on the generosity of the authorities, especially if Jupiter has a connection with the 10th house, and for bonuses – an aspect with the 2nd sector.

In the presence of oppositions and quadratures, a person needs to carefully sign any documents and not take the word of promises.

Jupiter is especially generous in the 6th house of the relocation map to employees of government agencies, the military and banking sectors, and owners of large private capital.

However, the volume of work also increases, another thing is that most often the native still experiences pleasure from the process and the result.

In the negative, frequent dismissals occur, a person jumps from one position to another, it seems to him that it is good where he is not.

Jupiter in the 6th house relocation and health charts

Most often, there is a general strengthening of immunity, a person becomes invulnerable to microbes. This is a story about how most of the employees are sick, and the owner of Jupiter in the 6th house is steadfastly in good health and works productively one for all.

However, aspects are also important here. Jupiter expands all factors. Accordingly, the affected planet, on the contrary, becomes the cause of frequent and chronic diseases, but the harmonious one just helps to get rid of long-standing problems, especially if they are associated with the state of the liver and gallbladder.

The native himself will also have a desire to undergo a health-improving course of treatment and a comprehensive examination, to go to a sanatorium.

A good compensator for problems here would be a Jupiter pet: a cat or dog of prestigious breeds or simply large sizes. Equestrian sports will have a beneficial effect on health.

The negative influence of Jupiter in the 6th house of the relocation chart

If the native himself has a low level of spirituality, he does not understand that new opportunities must be met intellectually as well, then he has an increasing number of responsibilities that he is unable to cope with. And here are two options: he delegates this to more modest and quiet employees, passing off their work as his own, or simply his incompetence becomes widely known and he has to quit.

It must be remembered that Jupiter expands not only good results, but also negative ones: the unwillingness to improve, learn, and work cannot be hidden. In addition, life often provides a large selection of jobs and it is difficult for a person to decide and go exactly where he will be appreciated. This happens when Jupiter is debilitated or in exile.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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