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Jupiter in Pisces – the messenger of divine love

Jupiter brings many opportunities to become happy in society through the recognition and monetization of talents, a fast-paced career, making friends and expanding horizons while traveling around the world. In Pisces, the planet of happiness is in its abode, but it puts the ward in a difficult position. From childhood, the native has shown the character traits of the highest Jupiterian octave – mercy, love for one's neighbor, bordering on self-denial, kindness and generosity.

He does not know how to take revenge, easily forgives even deep insults and is ready to save the enemy, forgetting the evil done. It is not easy with such a character in the modern world. Fortunately, the union of Jupiter and Neptune, the first ruler of Pisces, endows the native with acute intuition, the gift of suggestion and eloquence, an incredible charm that attracts many friends and defenders. However, the affected planet requires a multifaceted study and grounding of the mind soaring in the clouds.

The influence of Jupiter in Pisces on fate

The water element endows the consciousness with mysticism and a passion for searching for secrets. A person dreams of world power, but does not disclose plans even to close friends. He studies occult sciences, prays for success, often without taking real action to get closer to his dream.

The owner of Jupiter in Pisces must accumulate strength in order to act as a victorious march, but the main thing in this process is not to go into the world of illusions, having lost interest in reality. Salvation is in creativity, because the native is endowed with bright artistry in several directions at once: painting, singing, acting, music, literature and recitation. Tangible successes along the Neptune line will help you get a taste of material success and strive for great achievement. To do this, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of Jupiter in Pisces:

  • kindness, compassion, open-mindedness, depth of thought and empathy, sincerity, religiosity;
  • high social sensitivity through reading the mood in the team: they foresee catastrophes, feel lies, calculate traitors;
  • inspiration and fortitude appear when you need to selflessly help, support those in trouble, as well as in a creative atmosphere;
  • a rich inner world, vivid imagination and imaginative thinking make them interesting interlocutors;
  • a developed sense of beauty, enjoyment of nature, art, solitude, the desire to surround oneself with beautiful things and people;
  • the ability to bear the cross and suffer for one's ideals, so long as not to sacrifice principles, fatalism;
  • stress and nervous tension when it is necessary to fight competitors, participate in contests and competitions: they are often underestimated against the background of arrogant and self-confident rivals;
  • dreaminess, laziness, naivety, susceptibility to someone else's influence, fanaticism, excessive sacrifice are negative qualities.

With a weak position and bad aspects of Jupiter in Pisces, a person experiences the injustice of the world too emotionally. The fighter for the rights of the offended makes many enemies and himself goes over to the dark side, skillfully weaves intrigues and removes rivals with someone else's hands. In a harmonious position, the Higher Forces provide protection from envious people and intruders.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces in male and female chart

Water Jupiter is good-natured, sweet in communication, sensitive to a change in the mood of the interlocutor. He chooses words and carefully thinks over his speech so as not to accidentally offend, which is why he may seem a little slow and shy. Realizing the depth of his creative talent, the bearer of Jupiter in Pisces, oddly enough, feels lonely in the world of materially oriented people.

It is interesting that as soon as he follows the path of destination, money pours from the sky through sponsors, patrons, and offers of a good contract. Love for him is a sublime cosmic feeling, unity of souls and transcendental passion. He is a great family man, devoted and loyal. He prefers to spend time with his family at home in a cozy atmosphere, and to social events he prefers visiting humanitarian aid centers and volunteering in hospitals. Friends know they can always come to him for advice and money.

Water Jupiter rushes to help others, not thinking about herself and not expecting anything in return. A kind, sincere soul is often rewarded with the love of others and the only chosen one, who unexpectedly has a high social status and money. Thanks to this, a girl with Jupiter in Pisces can devote herself to creativity or charity work, otherwise it is difficult for her to break through to career heights, because she is afraid of infringing on the rights and interests of other people.

The Aquatic Jupiter loves attending theaters, painting exhibitions and literary evenings, but can sacrifice interests for love and family, although this will not bring happiness. She needs a highly spiritual partner who understands the needs of the soul for beauty.

Important aspects with other planets

The strong position of the Sun and positive aspects with Mars help Jupiter in Pisces to become stronger and more practical, confidently declare his ideas and translate them into reality. Harmonious support of Neptune gives success in cinema, theater, painting, literature, promotes happy mystical occasions – meeting the right people, unexpected insights and discoveries.

A good aspect with the Moon endows the gift of a psychologist, healer, psychic. Negative aspects with these planets confuse the native's mind, make him suspicious, whiny, unhappy for no reason. Self-pity encourages the use of black magic, intrigue and gossip as a weapon, and alcohol as a means of escaping the cruel reality.

Additional description

Your needs for personal growth and development are perhaps most met when you work to help raise humanity to a higher spiritual level. You understand that we all exist together in this world and that what is bad for one is bad for everyone. People born with Jupiter in Pisces are full of compassion, merciful, good-natured, modest, calm, dreamy, have intuition and a subtle sense of humor. You are interested in spiritual or metaphysical ideas and problems, but you must find your own path, and know the truth for yourself.

Periodically moving away from society and those closest to you is good for your nerves and your own mental health. Your desire to help others sometimes turns into a direct readiness to save the unfortunate. People with Jupiter under the sign of Pisces may well volunteer in hospitals, prisons, or other restricted areas. You give hope to those who need it. You probably love nature and large animals, especially horses. Pisces has a developed interest in healing. On the other hand, you may be hypersensitive, emotional, overly sentimental, prone to exaggeration and being too extravagant or self-indulgent.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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