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Moon in the sign of Scorpio

The image of the Moon in Scorpio is very complex, multifaceted and contradictory. The heavenly body, symbolizing the principle of Water, is in its native element, and therefore the Moon can show its best qualities here: strong intuition, emotionality, sensitivity, caring, patience and wealth of the inner world.

On the other hand, the Moon does not feel very comfortable in the sign of Scorpio, because its ruler is the energetic and sometimes aggressively-minded Mars , with which the subtle and vulnerable lunar energy does not fit well.

General characteristics

So, the Moon in Scorpio is in the fall, so people with such a star combination are prone to strong feelings and inner anxiety. Unprecedented passions are burning in their souls. Either they are dissatisfied with themselves and feel remorse, then they suffer from the strongest moral torment, envy or jealousy.

Meanwhile, it is people with the Moon in Scorpio who, in a difficult situation, can show unexpected determination, give a worthy rebuff to enemies and protect the weak. Moon Scorpios can be passionate fighters against the evil, depravity, and injustice of the world around them. Perhaps, in everyday life, the lunar Scorpio with its internal instability and impulsiveness feels like an elephant in a china shop, but in extreme and dangerous situations, in the circumstances of the struggle, such a person has no equal.

The qualities of the lunar Scorpio include the following:

  • Distrust, skepticism towards people and the outside world;
  • Anxiety, strong susceptibility, a state of constant alertness;
  • Powerful intuition, psychologism, ability to foresee events;
  • Endurance, patience, ability to survive in any conditions;
  • A sense of ownership in relation to loved ones;
  • Hard work, practicality, great dedication;
  • Passion, jealousy, resentment;
  • Rudeness, incontinence, irritability;
  • Devotion, caring, a sense of master in the house.

People, in whose horoscopes the Moon is located in Scorpio, need to beware of bad habits, excesses in food, sex and alcohol, and also get rid of inner negativity in time. Emotional release can occur thanks to sports, any active physical activity and extreme activities (parachute jumping, diving to great depths, fast driving, working as a lifeguard, etc.).

Moon in the sign of Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio for a man

If in a man’s horoscope (natal chart) the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, then such a person has a difficult relationship with the female sex. This position indicates jealousy, passion, sensitivity and the need for a regular shake-up in the relationship, emotional or sexual. But after some time, everything usually stabilizes and enters its usual course, since Scorpio is a fixed sign.

What kind of woman will suit the owner of the Moon in Scorpio? Of course, she must be mysterious, magnetic, sexy, athletic, confident and tenacious at the same time. Only such a lady will be able to win the restless heart of the lunar Scorpio and hold combat positions despite the many storms of life, trials and everyday conflicts.

Moon in Scorpio woman

The moon, located in the sign of Scorpio in the female natal chart, will describe her owner as an active, combative, practical and knowledgeable person in matters of material gain.

A man in her face can find not so much a good wife and mistress, but a faithful companion of life and a fighting friend with whom she can eat a pound of salt and overcome many life trials. Such women become caring mothers who seek to control every step of the child. Their emotional connection with children is very strong and intense.

How to find an approach to the lunar Scorpios? They can be endeared to themselves, communicating a feeling of reliability and security, believing in their strength and extraordinary abilities and accepting the difficult, but very strong and original character.

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Garipova Lilia Ramilevna

Celebrities with the Moon in Scorpio:


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