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2 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol of the day: cornucopia
Stones: chalcedony , jadeite , agate

The second lunar day begins with the first moonrise after the new moon, which is why in different cities, the lunar month can move forward or backward by one lunar day.

This is the time to receive valuable information. Be especially attentive to the information that you receive on the second Lunar day, even if it seems to you that it will not be useful to you, after a while everything may change and you will appreciate the information received on this day.

The second lunar day is filled with energy that inclines people to own and buy unnecessary things. Try not to succumb to this, and vice versa, if you manage to give something to someone, the universe will return it in full. If suddenly you lost something on this day, think well, perhaps this thing would never be useful to you and at all unnecessary to you, easily part with it.

2nd lunar dayTry not to share your plans on the second Lunar day, otherwise their implementation may come to naught. On this day, you need to develop generosity in yourself, and in no case should you show your anger. It is very good on this day to ask the authorities to make new contacts.

This day is very favorable for all kinds of discoveries and scientific research. A planned trip to nature or travel with the starting point of the second lunar day will bring a lot of positive emotions and will be remembered for a long time.

Love and relationships

Good for dating, show concern and generosity towards your significant other and you will be fully rewarded with joy and love.
This lunar day is very suitable for the conclusion of alliances and marriages.


You can do any household chores. This time is great for starting repairs in the apartment and any construction.


2nd lunar dayOn the second lunar day, special attention should be paid to nutrition, especially not to eat fatty foods. An excellent time to draw up a diet course for the entire Lunar cycle, as well as to start a health course, cleanse the body, exercise, etc. Also, the second Lunar day will be ideal for visiting a sauna or bath.

Business and money

The 2nd lunar day is very favorable for individual and collective work. You can safely start any business and projects. Particularly good will be training and advanced training, any courses, etc. Business trips will be fruitful and bring material income.

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