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1st house in the sign of Pisces

The first house is the appearance, character and that part of the personality that manifests itself in society during close contacts and official speeches. People may have the Sun in Pisces, but if the 1st house is in Capricorn, then at work, in secular communication, self-expression, they will be restrained and strict, and perhaps even afraid to show their creativity. In addition, the first impulsive reactions are visible here in conditions of danger, joy, falling in love, especially if the position of Venus and the Sun coincide with the Ascendant.

1st house in Pisces endows such people with the charm of a sister of mercy. Outwardly, they are just angels descended from heaven. They acutely perceive the realities of the world, suffer not only from their own grievances, but also from the problems of others, seek to comfort and help. Most of the time they hover in clouds of illusions, which makes it very difficult to show true talents and achieve the desired goals.

Circumstances of birth

It is possible that the baby was begged by the mother from higher powers. If this was not the case, then a priori the child was given as a reward and consolation. The mother was preparing for childbirth not without the help of esotericism: she turned to an astrologer, read prayers or mantras, did yoga and meditation, sang to the baby to establish close contact. Most often, the pregnancy took place near the sea or any body of water, and the idea to arrange childbirth in the water somehow came. However, it is important to take into account the position of the rulers of Pisces, Neptune and Jupiter, because the affected planet of water can create problems associated with fluid: infections, polyhydramnios, poisoning. If both rulers are harmonious, childbirth goes like clockwork.

Image in the eyes of others

Due to strong empathy, men and women with 1 house in Pisces feel other people’s experiences as their own. This is a curse and a blessing at the same time, depending on the spiritual level of development. At the highest level of consciousness, they melt these emotions into musical and literary works, understand the true motives of actions and give fateful advice.

Such individuals do not fuss, respond with good to evil, leaving the higher forces to deal with the offenders, are set to serve others, even if they are more talented and smart. There is no desire to make a career here, but there is an implicit sense of sacrifice in the name of the family, business, and country. Suffering for the good of others is a built-in function of the 1st house in Pisces, which attracts unpleasant events.

It is especially dangerous at a low level of development, when the owners of the first house in Pisces go with the flow, complain about obstacles and cruel blows of fate, but do nothing to overcome them. Even in this case, they are kind and sympathetic, but unlike the first option, it causes irritation and hostility.

Positive features of the 1st house in Pisces: creative talent in the field of arts and esotericism, kindness, intuition, plasticity of the body, diplomacy, wisdom, telepathy.

Negative qualities: deceit, excessive emotionality, vulnerability, resentment, a tendency to self-deception, justification of criminals, lack of self-respect, practicality, slovenliness.

Ways of self-expression

It is difficult for Pisces to decide to prove themselves in society because of self-doubt and lack of internal support. They need parents who support their creative inclinations from childhood. The sooner they hear applause, the easier it will be to live on. The condition for a happy development of events is the recognition of their talents by those around them. These are wonderful actors, psychologists, artists, musicians, dancers, singers, photographers, but they need a practical and loving person behind their back, who will help overcome fears and find support in themselves, and not outside.

The second area is counselling. Empathy and a desire to help make men and women with 1 house in Pisces excellent advisers in a variety of matters. This includes business consulting, mentoring, advice on style, psychology, sales, religious and personal development.

Style and colors of success

Natives prefer a soft romantic style that matches their inner world. Often their heads are so busy searching for the truth and the path to success that they easily forget to put on details of clothing or leave a bag in a cafe.

Therefore, it is important to observe the minimalism of accessories in order to eliminate losses, as well as to choose one-piece sets, for example, jumpsuits or dresses for women, in order to get together in one minute and not forget anything. For men, simplicity is also important. It is best to choose fabrics that do not wrinkle, as Pisces of the first house find it difficult to keep track of time and dress at the last moment.

The colors of success are all shades of blue, blue, light purple, pale pink, and for important moments in life, when you need to gather all your strength together, red.

Elaboration of the 1st house in Pisces

Being the 12th sign of the zodiac, the apogee of karma, Pisces requires careful study in the 1st house of personality. First of all, it is necessary to remove uncertainty, passivity of behavior, vulnerability and the habit of running away from problems into the world of illusions, because with age they will intensify and drag talented, but timid natives down like a dead weight, preventing them from developing and distorting impressions about the world around them. The next step will be the cultivation of the qualities of the Virgin, which falls into the 7th house, which means that all partners and enemies will be meticulous, attentive to detail and very accurate. These qualities will be required for the native to succeed in family life and to resist the enemies-Mercurians, who perfectly see the Neptunian weaknesses and accurately hit them.

The best talisman stones in such a difficult struggle with oneself are jade, serpentine, aventurine, aquamarine, pearls (unless there are negative aspects between the Moon and Neptune).

Vasilisa Vishneva


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