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1st house in the sign of Sagittarius

The first house is the personality of the individual in physical embodiment and emotionally. Here, true desires and intentions are revealed that will lead to success in society. Sometimes they coincide with the solar sign, but if they contradict it, for example, when the sign of the 1st house belongs to the opposite element, it is difficult for people to express themselves in society, they have to break themselves or play an unusual role. It is important to rely on the position of the Sun when revealing the qualities and tasks of the first house.

In Sagittarius, the house forms a personality that perceives reality through higher truths and ideals, but despite this, it has a practical-rough foundation. At a low level of development, this is a soldier walking over heads to achieve a goal, but complying with the principles that are important to him. On the high – a spiritual teacher, not alien to earthly joys.

Circumstances of birth

The child often appears on some holiday, not necessarily a state one, it can be a family celebration, or after the mother has been to a feast. Most often, birth is celebrated as a big event, and the house or the maternity ward is decorated with balloons, the staff is treated to cake and champagne, and gifts are given to the mother.

The baby is large, which, when Jupiter is struck, leads to ruptures and protracted childbirth processes, but if this fact is foreseen in advance, everything will be fine. It is also likely that the mother gains weight during pregnancy or at 1 year after the birth of the child due to hormonal changes or slagging of the liver.

Image in the eyes of others

Sagittarius is a male fire sign. This leaves an imprint on the character of its owners. They are straightforward and frank to the point of tactlessness. It is difficult for them to lie, it is easier to say everything in the eye. This is not liked by more flexible and cunning people in communication. They substitute these natives or openly feud with them.

At the same time, on the other side of the scale there are many friends who are impressed by optimism, readiness for adventure, sports passion and a diverse circle of interests of Sagittarius.

These are noisy, loud-voiced guys with boisterous laughter. They quickly get angry, but also easily move away, forgive insults and are ready to be friends even with former enemies.

Outwardly, they are large and do not always coordinate their movements, knocking things down on the go, because they are busy thinking about grandiose plans to conquer the world. Ambition here is the driving force of self-manifestation in society. If Sagittarians in the 1st house are not leaders, then they suppress their nature and block success. But if Scorpio really needs to own the minds and souls of people, being a first-class professional, then external pathos is important for Sagittarius.

Such individuals will calmly accept the honors achieved by their subordinates, and will bathe in applause, although they simply led, and did not participate in the process. The desire for justice will encourage them to mention the names of their assistants, but they do not like to work hard, so they are most often the face or organizer of the brand, and not the internal engine.

Ways of self-expression

Men and women with 1 house in Sagittarius are born to be warriors of light. They cannot go on the shadow side, since the ruler of the sign Jupiter will strictly ask for violation of the principles of honor and justice. Initially, they are brave and kind, ready to help those who are weaker, and keenly feel the negative. However, they are easily provoked into breaking the law due to their temper and pride.

By studying the laws of society and religion from an early age, the primitive Sagittarius will protect themselves from accusations fabricated by enemies, and simply will not attract negative-minded individuals, being on high energy vibrations.

These are wonderful lawyers, teachers, priests and athletes. Primitive Sagittarius can excel in any sport, but most of all they love team activities: football, basketball, water polo. They get along well with animals and feel good in nature, charging internal batteries. They are not born speakers, so they should better express themselves through actions.

Clothing style and colors of success

Men and women with 1 house in Sagittarius love luxurious sports style or ethnic motifs in clothes. If they don’t have much money, which happens in their youth because they get rich later anyway, they will buy replicas of famous brands to splurge. It is astrologically recommended to acquire really expensive things in order to awaken the Jupiterian energies, as well as to recreate the style of clothing typical of the country that is close to the heart of the native. The color of success is yellow, purple, beige.

Elaboration of the 1st house in Sagittarius

Defending the principles of justice and kindness, it is important not to cross the line and not become a punishing warrior with a fiery sword. Elaboration requires egocentrism, fanaticism in any direction, not only in religion, but also in sports, tactlessness.

People with the 1st house in the sign of Sagittarius are gifted beyond measure with various talents, but are not accustomed to working hard, which is why they often find themselves behind less successful colleagues. It is necessary to develop the strong qualities of Saturn, according to the sign of its position, not forgetting Mercury.

Over the years, almost all owners of Sagittarius in the 1st house tend to be overweight, so the sooner they learn proper nutrition, eliminating fatty and sweet foods, the easier it will be to live. Sports of any direction are obligatory for men and women. It will free them from excess energy and aggression.

Talismans of wealth and good luck for the 1st house in Sagittarius will be yellow topaz, citrine, amethyst, lapis lazuli and tiger’s eye.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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