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2nd house in the sign of Gemini

Knowing in which sign the cusp of the 2nd house falls, it is easier to understand how to attract and retain money, what to adjust in planning purchases and investments in order to become the owner of real estate and a stable income. Gemini belong to the element of air and easily materialize abstract values ​​into banknotes through work in the fields of communication: they sell knowledge, information, teach, treat mental problems and immerse them in the world of entertainment as writers and bloggers.

The word is a magnet for their luck. But just as rapidly, financial flows are depleted from idle chatter, waste and inability to plan a long-term future. The habit of living in a compartment of today leads to a lack of money in old age, if measures are not taken in time to work at home.

The nature and methods of communication in the 2nd house in Gemini

The need for change and new, thrilling sensations pushes not only to change jobs. Without traveling, communicating with different people, and not just the usual circle of friends and colleagues, creative activity and inspiration that contribute to attracting finances dies out.

Usually the level of gushing energy of the air native is such that it is enough for several specialties. It’s normal for such individuals to work officially and freelance, having time to read tons of information on the Internet about events in politics and the world of stars. Monotony drives depression, causes disease. New knowledge, impressions, acquaintances include emotional feeding of mental activity.

At a low level of development, however, this leads to dissipation and dependence on gossip and intrigue. It is advisable to single out at least two areas for making money and pay maximum attention to improving them. In addition, limit the reading of the “yellow” press. Characteristic features of people with 2 houses in Gemini:

  • a sober mind, the ability to control one’s imagination, a low level of empathy, a tendency to manipulate others through their psychological triggers;
  • intransigence, stubbornness, selfishness, talkativeness, amateurism, bias of opinion;
  • greed for new knowledge, the desire to be in places of active movement of life: social events, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, for the sake of recognition of the audience, speaking in public;
  • the tendency to fraudulent schemes for obtaining money, if Mercury is retrograde and stands in the signs of Scorpio and Pisces, the desire for easy enrichment with minimal investment;
  • the ability to make useful connections and please representatives of completely different social strata;
  • the innate talent of a salesperson, orator, writer, advertising agent, teacher and translator.

Interestingly, the reduced immunity inherent in Gemini in the 2nd house does not affect the susceptibility to serious illnesses. The native is more likely to suffer from mental fatigue and neurosis than from infections. Adequate self-esteem (with the exception of Mercury in Leo and Cancer, or those afflicted with difficult aspects) protects against resentment. Such individuals are not touched by jokes  about their personality and profession.

Relationship with money

Written and spoken language will be a source of prosperity. This will come in handy both in creativity and trade, and it is preferable to choose a small business. People with the second house in Gemini are incredibly inventive in ways of making money: they organize their businesses literally out of thin air, and due to their erudition and lack of shyness, they sell expertise at exorbitant prices.

If desired, such people will never be left without funds, but a surge of activity gives a difficult financial situation, when bridges are burning behind their backs they need to act.

The second option that encourages action is a strong need to fulfill a dream, for example, an expensive trip or a car that will allow them to be independent from the crowd and increase their status in the eyes of friends. This inspires the owners of the 2nd house in Gemini much more than the postulates of saving for a quiet old age.

They are careless about money, live one day, which often leads to loss of real estate and stinginess in old age, since there is no financial cushion.

Elaboration of the 2nd house in Gemini

To harmonize affairs along the line of the second house, it is important to pay attention to the spiritual beliefs of Sagittarius in the sphere of influence, especially if Mercury is there. If the planet of communication is in Pisces, it is all the more important not to slip into intrigues and gossip, since this threatens to destroy the life of the people themselves.

It is better to concentrate on the basics of financial planning, organize income from several sources, but no more than three, so as not to waste vital energy.

The work should involve communication, public speaking and business trips. They become excellent teachers with harmonious aspects from the 2nd house to Jupiter or the 9th house. Wealth can be expected with positive connections with the 11th house, and with a square to Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces, it is difficult to keep large amounts without a detailed study of Saturn and Neptune.

In modern realities, the Internet will become an additional source of income for sociable Gemini, the main thing is not to be distracted by unnecessary information and to formalize their activities legally.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 2nd House in Gemini:


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