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2nd house in Capricorn. A cat in gloves catches no mice.

The second house is the place of a person’s financial strength. It shows the source of stable earnings, starting from which one can come to the wealth of the 8th sector , as well as find relationships with the destination of the 10th , which will create prosperity, well-being and bring happiness to public recognition. It is important to understand the ways of interacting with money, the nature of spending and your own behavior in financial matters.

All this is determined by the 2nd house, as well as immunity, eating habits and work.

If he is in Capricorn, the native will have to take responsibility for all of the above, because you will not have to wait for easy earnings, success is paid for with scrupulous work and self-discipline. Hence the perception of the world as a hostile environment, where the strongest wins, and the desire to use others for their own purposes.

The nature and methods of communication in the 2nd house in Capricorn

Astrologers initially define a native as an emotionally dry, stingy, and ambitious person. But much depends on the sign of the Ascendant , the position of Venus , the Moon and the 5th house . If there is Pisces, Leo, Cancer, Taurus, Aquarius, Sagittarius, then sensuality and generosity will balance his rigidity and practicality. But the presence of Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio in these sectors will aggravate boring, greed, arrogance.

The pursuit of personal benefit destroys the already vague moral principles, forming a consumer attitude, and as a result, the inability to make friends and love without an underlying need for benefit.

Therefore, the main task of the owner of the 2nd house in Capricorn is to develop the emotional empathy of Cancer, to take care of people and themselves, to understand what worries the boss and clients from a human point of view. Then earnings will come not through super-efforts, as is usually the case with a native, especially if Saturn, the ruler of the 2nd sector, is weakened and amazed, but unexpectedly easily, like Streltsov’s strategy. It will also make it easier to make friends and patrons at work. The general features of the influence of the 2nd house in Capricorn are difficult to harmonize:

  • morbid ambition: it always seems that they have underestimated, cheated, offended;
  • the feeling that there is not enough money and will not be enough for anything, therefore, they agree to processing, unfavorable terms of cooperation, a familiar attitude;
  • greed, leading to rigid self-restraint in spending or debts, because the desire to be no worse than others burns from the inside;
  • metabolic problems: early baldness, tooth loss, which requires vitamin support and a special diet;
  • trials and failures, through which Saturn leads in order to temper the character, create self-doubt, anger at more successful rivals;
  • inability to relax, the habit of working even on weekends, loneliness;
  • accuracy, thrift, honesty, hyperresponsibility.

If the native’s Ascendant is not in the air signs, it is better to choose a profession that is not related to communication and business trips. He will receive pleasure from independent work in a separate office or by leading subordinates from a pedestal. These are excellent directors of enterprises, industrialists, designers, architects, engineers, accountants, analysts, scientists. Construction, insurance, and real estate sales will also bring income.

Relationship with money

At the average level of development, a person gets used to the fact that every penny is earned by hard work, hence the economy and reasonableness of the budget. Often, those around him do not suspect that he has large sums set aside for a “rainy day” or for large purchases, his appearance is so modest and inconspicuous.

And the owner of the 2nd house in Capricorn himself loves to be pity, they say, there is absolutely no money and life is pain. There is no other way to seek attention and sympathy. With Saturn struck, such people live on government benefits, interrupted by a penny earnings.

With the harmonious position of the planet, the authorities of men and women are ambitious and far-sighted. They strive outwardly to correspond to the high status they dream of, or have already suffered their place in the sun, therefore they spend large sums on clothes, a car, accessories, but in this case they save on households. Their family members are not to be envied. Often, Capricorn wards receive a large inheritance in the 2nd half of life.

Working out the 2nd house in Capricorn 

The financial situation depends on the level of development of the emotional sphere and the amount of accumulated experience in the professional path. Capricorn symbolizes ambition, therefore, the higher the quality and more prestigious education of the native, the more he collaborates with eminent companies and partners, the more rapidly his income grows.

The university should be chosen not according to the principle of where it is easier to get, but according to the vocation indicated by the Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house. It is important to find the points of correspondence and intersection with the 2nd sector. Having received a diploma, one should immediately accumulate professional achievements, show oneself from the best side, be active and get out of the shadows, where Saturnians often like to hide. You will also need to understand financial planning and investments, even if the field of activity is far from working in a bank.

The best investment would be buying land or real estate. Health and physical endurance are rather weak, therefore it is necessary to strengthen the immune system and especially take care of the spine and teeth.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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