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4th house in Aquarius. Trial by freedom

The fourth house is the foundation of our personality, symbolizes the inner world and everyone who is related to it. First of all, the mother, home, real estate, and secondly – the place of residence, behavior inside their own home after the wedding, and old age. On the physical plane, this sector denotes the heart and lungs, correlates with the 4th chakra.

The home environment in the life of the owners of the 4th house in Aquarius is always unusual and unpredictable for themselves. The doors are open for friends and unfamiliar guests, and the chaos and creative confusion reigning here are familiar and dear to the owners. At a high level of development, they live in a penthouse or apartment, equipped in high-tech style, at a low level – in a communal apartment or hostel.

Childhood and relationship with parents

If the Sun is in Aquarius or the 12th house, the relationship with the father is cool, but the mother is a real fighting friend, who will not betray even when the native has acted badly, will support and listen. You can discuss any topics with her, even questions of sex and ambiguous moments in relationships, while she will support the bright side of the child, because Aquarius always strives for the highest hypostasis of goodness and justice. With complex negative aspects of Uranus to the Moon or the Sun, parents are often divorced. The native always chooses the mother when choosing a place of residence after parting with his father.

At home, it is important for him to feel complete freedom and the absence of boundaries, including in terms of discipline and daily routine, so homeschooling is completely unsuitable for children with such a situation. They cannot organize themselves outside the system, succumbing to momentary desires, especially if they have access to the Internet at hand. The main lines of influence of the 4th house in Aquarius:

  • extravagance and unpredictability of the home atmosphere, starting with design and ending with the demeanor of family members (most often the rules of decency and culture are violated at every step);
  • awareness of himself as a black sheep – the native can be very different from his relatives, both in the bad and in the good side – a musically gifted and poetic child in a family of laborers without education, and the desire to escape from home;
  • lack of religious attitudes, attachments to loved ones, career ambitions;
  • friendship is placed above love, and the owner of the 4th house in Aquarius rarely speaks of romance with his spouses, preferring a guest marriage without obligations;
  • irritability, picky about family members, resentment out of the blue with the monotony of everyday life and everyday routine: a change of impressions, guests, communication with new people is necessary;
  • nervousness and anxiety over trifles in early adolescence can develop into serious mental problems in old age with the opposition of Uranus and Saturn;
  • the habit of promising and not doing, building castles in the air and enjoying fantasies instead of practical actions;
  • the house is full of appliances and books, but with the tense aspects of Uranus, Pluto and Mars, it is important to limit the number of electronic devices in order to avoid short circuits.

As they grow up, the native wants more freedom, interesting events. In his house, meetings of like-minded people do not stop, discussing plans to conquer the world and future adventures. Unfortunately, this will have a detrimental effect on family life, unless the partner has the same 4th house in Aquarius.

Residence, problem solving and old age

In his youth, the owner of the horoscope was much more interested in spending time with adults than with peers, so he has few illusions and good practical experience. Despite fantasies and projections, from an early age he was preoccupied with the intention to purchase housing. Mostly because it is a symbol of freedom and independence.

Wards of 4 houses in Aquarius are happy to buy apartments and apartments on the top floors: the higher the better. The soul is filled with inspiration at the sight of the beautiful sky and urban landscapes outside the window. They love new buildings with interesting design ideas, glazed walls, high-speed elevators. Residents of their home, as a rule, are related to television, aviation, and public figures.

Solving any question is not a problem for a native. He has a million friends who will gladly help you out of a difficult situation. Especially when Venus is strong.

In old age, such people often break with their families and begin to live separately and independently, sometimes meeting for breakfast in a cafe with older children. They travel a lot, do business, or retire to free creativity.

Study of the 4th house in Aquarius

As with any air sign on the 4th house cusp, it is important to strengthen Venus and the Moon . If they are in Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, then it is easier for people to find a balance between fulfilling ambitious dreams and family life.

The defeat of Uranus threatens with scandals for parents, and later for spouses, electric shocks in the apartment, falling from a height, for example, from a balcony, during a showdown. Knowing this, you can take action in advance. In the apartment, you should not drink alcohol in large quantities and arrange a show with fire or hazardous substances.

For a harmonious life with the native, you will need to arrange interesting discussions at home, actively plan future adventures, arrange exciting leisure: new movies, board games, many guests. Otherwise, the owner of the 4th house in Aquarius becomes nervous, boring, even aggressive if Mars, for example, is in Aries.

It is important for him to have the right to leave and come when he pleases, without this the house will become a prison. The main pleasure in life is to be free. This is one of the indicators of remote freelance work.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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