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5th house in Virgo

The fifth house symbolizes activities that bring pleasure and quick money, but are more often associated with truly pleasant emotions. This includes flirting, love affairs that do not necessarily lead to marriage, sex, and the circumstances of conception. Relations with children, their future profession and the direction of creativity of the native himself can be foreseen by the sign of the zodiac on the cusp of this sector and the aspects of the planets.

The 5th house in Virgo endows a person with conflicting qualities. These are practitioners and pedants who love to flirt, play with fire in love, play sensual multi-walkers, but will never take big risks. They create with a calculator in one hand, they love children, but they decide what is best for them. External decency and discipline, the reputation of the family always come first.

Relationships with children and creativity

Virgo is not a fertile sign, but if the Moon is strong in the element of water, there will be no problems with conception. Otherwise, you will have to limit yourself to one child or move during pregnancy planning to places where the relocation horoscope is favorable .

Inherent practicality leaves an imprint on the issue of procreation. Men and women with the 5th house in Virgo equally understand that a child is a responsibility and financial expenses, and not just enthusiastic emotions, so they decide to change after 30 years, when there is a solid material foothold and confidence in the future. They rarely have more than 2 offspring. When the Moon of the owners of the horoscope is in the signs of Capricorn, Aries, Virgo, childfree-style childlessness may be their conscious choice.

They prepare for pregnancy according to medical textbooks, choose a doctor and a maternity hospital in advance. If Mercury is affected, there is a danger of oxygen starvation, problems with the intestines and the nervous system in the baby. In most cases, the main lines of influence of the 5th house in Virgo on the native and the heirs:

  • criticality, exactingness to a partner, his and his health issues, to children;
  • diligence, diligence, the ability to create wonderful things with your hands: sew, embroider, decorate, paint, cook: out of nothing they create beauty and comfort;
  • the desire to teach, point out mistakes not out of harm, but out of great love, wishing to improve a person, to encourage self-improvement, not understanding that it causes mental trauma;
  • reason is higher than feelings and intuition, they analyze, calculate, do not believe in miracles and help from above;
  • shyness, inability to present oneself favorably, quickly give up when competing with brighter rivals;
  • upbringing with an emphasis on high moral principles and satisfaction of ambitions;
  • care for the appearance, health, nutrition of the child dominates over sincere conversations and participation in his affairs, which is why in old age the native receives the same without unnecessary warmth.

With a harmonious Mercury, the children of the owner of the horoscope prefer an intellectual profession. These are writers, journalists, teachers, which equally applies to the native himself, who knows how to create a whole work out of the chaos of details. This is the main talent to develop. The 5th house in Virgo gives an amazing endowment in handicrafts, poetry, literature, animation and documentary films.

Love relationship

Men and women alike often have office romances. If there are connections with the 7th sector of the horoscope, or there is Mercury , then they will also meet a life partner at work. At the same time, the relationship resembles spy games, because the reputation for the native is in first place, but this is even more interesting for the Mercurian type of thinking.

If there is nothing to hide from the public, the owners of the 5th house in Virgo will still bypass ardent emotional fans. They are afraid of assertiveness and expectation of violent sensuality. In sex, they are also restrained and even shackled, especially if the ruler is damaged. They like humble, emotionally reserved people, honest and slightly shy, but not losers.

It is interesting to play novels with ambitious personalities who know how to hide ambitious aspirations, observing the rules of decency. You won’t have to wait for romance here, the native waits for the interval of courtship accepted in society and moves on to the practical part.

Women, on the other hand, often wait for career advancement, if it is an office romance, and help around the house, in terms of repairs, for example, when an acquaintance did not happen at work.

Study of the 5th house in Virgo

This situation often throws up a lot of small facts, events and background information in matters of love, creativity and raising children. The native tries to combine different roles in himself, which sometimes contradict each other, which leads to a state of neurosis. It is especially difficult to do this with Mercury retrograde in Natal.

It is necessary to strive to create an integral system in order to fit into its framework the diversity of personal images and psychotypes of others, not forgetting that there is only a black and white side in the world.

Success is hampered by low self-esteem and fear of a mountain of details that need to be sorted into shelves of creative idea. Writers and artists see their work piece by piece, not knowing how to put them together. More often than not, just getting started is enough. In relationships with children, praise for good things and refrain from criticism for mistakes.

Stones-talismans help to harmonize the 5th house in Virgo: green garnet and jasper , malachite , sultanite and peridot.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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