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5th house in Sagittarius. One actor theater

Joy and pleasure, holidays and creativity have been associated since ancient times with falling in love, having and raising children, as well as sex. The sign on the cusp sets the main character and energy of these spheres, showing in what perspective a person is revealed as a creator, educator, lover. Fire signs are especially pronounced.

Sagittarius, as the most balanced representative of the fiery element, fills the owner of the horoscope with optimism, a cheerful disposition and ease of communication with children and the opposite sex. This borders on superficiality, since there are no deep feelings here, but the native perceives failures in love and gaps in upbringing philosophically, correcting mistakes and forgetting that it is already useless to improve.

Children and creativity

Five-house Sagittarius is an eternal child, for whom the whole world is a theater, and any circumstances are conditions for a game. He finds a common language with children of all ages, but for his own he is completely ready to arrange constant holidays with magic, gifts, surprises. He is a born teacher who teaches not dry theory, but in practice, through play and creativity.

The sons and daughters of the owners of the 5th house in Sagittarius adopt the light optimistic disposition of the parent and love to teach others without having time to learn something new. Initially, there is freedom of knowledge, movement and communication, which implies the risk of encountering bad people, information beyond age and dangerous circumstances, but thanks to Jupiter’s patronage, the experiments of the younger generation end successfully in 90% of cases.

However, a large number of tau-squares and the affected 8th house are still an indicator of increased caution, because initially, under the influence of the 5th house in Sagittarius, sociability and lack of a sense of danger attract not only positive people. The main character traits and behavior of a native and his children:

  • passion, love of adventure, talkativeness, inability to see and build boundaries in communicating with people, a pronounced sense of humor;
  • the need for new knowledge, many hobbies and friends, enjoying delicious food and feasts, including, which provokes excess weight, especially if Jupiter is in the 1st house;
  • both parents and children are proud and admire each other, brag to their friends;
  • a tendency to dramatize events and inflate an elephant out of a fly, but unlike the five-house Scorpio, who is really deeply involved in this, here is the enjoyment of a new game and role;
  • rapprochement with a child happens more often in adolescence, when the native finds an adventure mate;
  • fertility in terms of childbearing and creativity: a person creates works one after another, but does not follow the details and accuracy of facts too much: a vivid example is the novels of A. Dumas;
  • the desire to give their children the best, but not from the point of view of high cost, but to expand their horizons: education, travel, various holidays with friends.

Five-house Sagittarius cannot imagine success without a brilliant career and social recognition. He is artistic, loves to be the center of attention and gains applause. Despite the fact that he is most often an amateur, people perceive him as an immutable authority, given the ability to foreign languages, knowledge in the field of religion and philosophy.

Love relationship

Interestingly, five-house Sagittarius often fall in love with foreigners with a radically opposite mentality or representatives of a different religion. The passion for change and adventure takes them away from their native land, and if the 9th house is harmonious and full, then it is likely that success and a happy marriage await them abroad. But when Jupiter is in Cancer or sector 4, it is better to live with the chosen ones in the native’s homeland.

Men and women with a 5th house in Sagittarius fall in love with brilliant, educated, bright personalities with whom it is easy to communicate. Their imagination is especially excited by belonging to the highest social stratum. There is no guarantee that this relationship will end in marriage, but just such people cause passionate feelings. There are a lot of novels and meetings in the youth of the five-house Sagittarius, but this is due to the search for an ideal partner, which sometimes drags on for a long time. Sex with them is like a celebration of sensuality, they are interested in getting to know the partner’s body, but only a spiritual connection will induce the native to create a monogamous relationship.

Study of the 5th house in Sagittarius

At a low level of development, humans are alpha male and sybarite, regardless of gender. Morality loses the desire to enjoy. The karmic task consists in giving up the role of the male consumer and in the transition to the level of a noble protector and patron. It is especially important for women not to break the line between pleasure and debauchery, from which their spiritual nature suffers. Like Libra, Sagittarius in the 5th house is greedy for a beautiful shiny wrapper, and such frivolous connections can burn him to the ground.

It is important to see beyond the appearance and social significance of the object of sympathy, to understand the motivation for the actions of another person, and not to follow the lead of your ego and the desire to get another prize.

In raising children, control and joint study of the issue of boundaries, both in relation to one’s own personality and those around them, will not interfere. Obsession and tactlessness are the only things that prevent the children of the five-house Sagittarius from earning the desired authority among their peers.

Talisman stones that help to best solve these issues: yellow sapphire , topaz , brown garnet , amethyst , heliotrope .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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