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5th house in the sign of Libra

Passionate love stories, creativity, children and the circumstances of their conception, including the native’s sexual relations, go under the auspices of the 5th house. This is the sphere of pleasures and joys of life, without which inspiration and energy will not arise. Unlike 2 and 8 houses, easy money is indicated here, which appears due to ingenuity and creativity. The sign on the cusp shows ways to harmoniously achieve success in all these areas.

The air element of Libra does not imply a strong emotional attachment to children, but on the other hand there is a desire to bring up a comprehensively harmonious personality. A person avoids conflicts, and prefers the external form of decency to the content of relationships, which affects creativity without spark and drive, according to a template. But in love is lucky.

Children and creativity

The key word is harmony within the strict framework of correct behavior. The child fully corresponds to the ideas of parents and beauty and talent, if Venus is not damaged by Saturn or Pluto . But unlike the independent Virgo, the development of the five-house Libra occurs faster in close tandem with the mother and father. Later, in love, they are also aimed at partnership and wither away without attention, flirting and entertainment.

Creativity is realized through cooperation, but not leadership, unless the Sun and Ascendant are in fire signs, but participation in collective projects.

With a harmonious Venus, the owners of the horoscope themselves and their children are very beautiful in appearance. If Lilith stands in the 5th sector or in conjunction with Venus, a distortion of perception occurs when the native perceives his own child as an incredibly handsome man, and he imposes this vision on others. The same applies to himself. Common features of the 5th house influence in Libra:

  • admiration for beauty, and the external is always preferable to the internal: if the author of a work of genius is a bad person, the images created by him are more important for the native;
  • the desire to dress elegantly and expensively, to impress others, even if you have to save on food;
  • the appearance of the child, expensive toys, private schools, photo sessions, visits to prestigious resorts are more important than education of kindness, participation, sympathy, although this requires respect for decency, and what children really feel is not important;
  • the native’s vocation is to be an arbiter in matters of beauty and morality, to judge fairly, to develop artistic taste and observation;
  • cool attitudes towards children, if they do not meet the ideas of talent and beauty, love only outstanding among their peers;
  • the desire to get into the privileged strata of society, often at the expense of a son or daughter, students in prestigious schools or universities, dislike for festivities and simple entertainment;
  • the ability to negotiate is inherited, despite the femininity and refinement, the younger generation of five-house Libra will not let itself be offended, especially if Mercury is strong.

The profession of a native and his descendants is associated with the beauty industry, but they are not actors, but creators of external images: artists, make-up artists, decorators, designers. If you are doing poetry, the poetry will be cold, but ornately woven from graceful words. The pleasure of restoring justice also leads to jurisprudence and journalism.

Love relationship

Beauty is at the forefront of love. A partner is chosen for an expensive and sophisticated appearance, caring little about his inner qualities. The second sign of five-house Libra is the fear of quarrels and conflicts, therefore, forgetting the popular wisdom that you don’t drink water from your face, they will always adjust to the mood and interests of their beloved, not daring to break with him and being afraid of the prospect of loneliness.

Men and women with a 5th house in Libra need to feel loved and desired. Not receiving this in a relationship, they will flirt right and left, fueled by the emotional interest of the opposite sex, but they will not dare to cheat physically, fearing to lose what they have: ruin their reputation or harm their children, if, for example, the husband is an influential person and during divorce will take them away. In sex, they can also fantasize endlessly, but do not dare to experiment that violates their notions of decency.

Study of the 5th house in Libra

The native needs to expand the concept of beauty, not limited to the external form. In education and love, the beauty of the soul, spirituality, noble thoughts should be put in the first place, bringing up the sensual side of oneself. The focus on prestige will ultimately be disappointing, because in this situation, true friendship and warm trust between parents and children rarely happens.

The karmic task is to make the world more beautiful through creativity and education of a real human personality, but not only externally, but comprehensively. The evil opinion of others prompts the five-house Libra to abandon the goal, to step aside without protecting children from condemnation, to forget about the creativity from which they enjoy, therefore, in addition to Venus, it is also important to develop Mars in order to strengthen determination, willpower and the ability to resist.

Considering these moments, the best talismans that help connect these areas of elaboration together are red and pink corals , scarlet spinel, pink tourmaline, garnet , and rhodochrosite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 5th House in Libra:


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