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6th house in Cancer. Looking for a fulcrum

The house of health, physical endurance regarding routine daily duties, a subordinate position at work, which will be a temporary stage, or a voluntary choice of a person, is considered karmic, but difficulties can be overcome by including personal intention and willpower. The sign on the cusp of the 6th house colors with its energy the lines of behavior of the native in these areas.

Cancer is responsible for emotional experiences, so topics such as health, responsibilities, debt, pets, and income will be triggers that include deep feelings. This is an overstated importance in relation to the above, both from our side, and the expectation of a responsible approach from others. Mismatches cause suffering and nervous breakdowns.

Work and discipline

Six House Cancers perceive the workplace as an extension of the home atmosphere. If they feel uncomfortable in their own walls or they live in a dormitory, together with relatives, then the office or at least an office will become a second home for them, where they will try to do everything according to their taste and idea of ​​comfort. This will not be emphasized by the status beauty of the six-domed Taurus, but an individual vision of the capsule of self-confidence. This is the feeling that the owner of the 6th house in Cancer is looking for at work. If his boss and colleagues recognize him as an expert and admire his creative ideas, he will flourish and himself will be surprised at his success. In an unfriendly collective, when faced with envy and meanness, the native begins to ache and wither. This is an ideal subordinate with high intuition, who knows when to be silent, prompt, congratulate, treat. He has no equal in smoothing out sharp corners between employees, but when the problem concerns himself, he is unable to start a direct conversation. The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Cancer:

  • confidential communication at work is preferable to a prestigious position and a high salary: if the native has found a homely atmosphere, where all members of the team are like relatives, then voluntarily this place will not leave;
  • reverent attitude to duties and debts: he will always give money, madly worried if there is a delay not through his fault, or the results of work suffer due to a minor mistake;
  • performance depends on the mood, if the boss reprimanded or the day before there was a quarrel with his spouse, the six-domed Cancer hides in the sink and silently suffers, through force carrying out orders;
  • morbid sensitivity to public criticism, especially from high-ranking officials, and at the same time, the praise of these people exalts his self-esteem to heaven and may even become an impetus for healing from the disease;
  • the need for independent work without haste and arrogant instructions from above;
  • fear of starting something new, heading a department, taking on additional responsibility, sacrificing personal time.

Few people guess about the ambitiousness of the six-volume Cancer, and it is in this sign that Jupiter is exalted. It is extremely important for a native to see a warm attitude towards himself as a specialist and to feel his own importance thanks to praises and awards.

Disease predisposition

Most health problems require psychosomatics to be considered. A person experiences problems of any nature so deeply that stress becomes a source of oncology and contributes to metabolic disorders. Anxiety and suspiciousness include diseases of the moon, but fears are especially dangerous. 6th house men and women in Cancer are afraid of any deterioration in health. Imagination instantly paints them terrible pictures, so they strictly follow all the doctor’s orders. Major problems on the 6th house line in Cancer:

  • excessive shyness, neurasthenia, hypochondria, hysteria when defeated by Uranus and Mars;
  • deep depression and mental disorders with the opposition of the Moon and Neptune;
  • sleep disturbances, irritability, tearfulness, hormonal disorders;
  • exposure to the evil eye, dependence of mood on the words and actions of other people, even a sidelong glance of a stranger can upset;
  • problems with the stomach and esophagus: heartburn, ulcers, gastritis;
  • tendency to overeating, anorexia, bulimia;
  • female diseases and tumors in the chest: if Pluto is affected, it is necessary to regularly undergo examinations by a mammologist and gynecologist;
  • eye inflammation, myopia or hyperopia in any negative aspect of the moon with the planets.

Treatment of each disease must begin with working with a psychologist, because conflict suppression is always at the core.

Working out the 6th house in Cancer

The task of the native is to clearly and point by point realize his value as a specialist, to understand what specific areas he is personally responsible for. This will help you not to shoulder the blame of others on yourself, not to take more than you should according to your position, and also to find the key to success in the profession – self-confidence as an expert.

In terms of health, on the contrary, it is important to know by heart all the weak points and take action in time, without giving yourself the pleasure of falling into an emotional trance of worries about your physical condition. The ability to manage fantasy will play a good role in all areas of the 6th house. If someone does not repay the debt, you need not guess, what if he is a scoundrel or was hit by a car, but call and ask directly.

The talisman stones: white agate , onyx , marble (as figurines in the workplace), real moonstone , white stone and rock crystal will provide great support in the transition to a state of confidence .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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