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7th house in the sign of Pisces

The seventh house is angular, and therefore fundamental to the formation of personality. But if the 1st house is considered its main reflection, then the 7th sector shows the opposite effect that other people have on the owner of the horoscope. Here they can see long-term love affairs, official marriage, friends, enemies, business partners. Understanding the influence of the sign on the Descendant and aspects with the planets on these relationships, they can speed up the meeting with the future spouse, make the right choice between several candidates and develop the right tactics to confront the enemy.

The 7th house in Pisces reveals its owners as gentle, romantic natures, dreaming of love until their last breath. With the Ascendant in Virgo, the external restraint and practicality of a person, it can be difficult to guess about the deep sensuality that attracts creative bohemian partners or simply soft-bodied and infantile ones.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

In addition to sensuality and delicacy for the opposite sex, seven-house Pisces feel a strong need for guardianship and patronage. Women of this type become a “mommy” for a gentle and driven husband, despite the fact that their practical part of the consciousness according to the Ascendant is annoyed by his inability to achieve goals and be the head. But Virgo ascendant needs to know that she is irreplaceable and useful, and it is such a partner that helps to close this desire.

At the same time, it reveals her higher emotionality, especially if Venus is in earth signs. A man with a 7th house in Pisces chooses a tender, quivering girl to be her mentor and guide to the world of sensual pleasures. For both sexes, marriage is a karmic test and development of generic programs.

The native is incomprehensible to other people precisely because of the wide range of emotions along the Virgo-Pisces axis. Pettiness, captiousness and practicality are combined with a willingness to help, console, support and suddenly arrange a romantic evening by candlelight after a violent quarrel.

If Neptune is struck, then smart, talented, beautiful owners of the horoscope, unexpectedly for those around them, find themselves at the mercy of poorly educated, infantile lovers of drinking and living at someone else’s expense. But if the seven-house Pisces fell in love, neither another country and religion, nor drugs with alcohol can stop them.

Marriage partner image

The girl is waiting for a knight on a white horse, and the man is waiting for a real princess. At the same time, they are more likely to be pushed away by an assertive and decisive person. Kindness is what is really important for the native, but enchanted by the warmth of the eyes and smile, they forget that marriage is not only romance, but also mutual work, and fairy-tale characters are rarely adapted to reality.

The ideal option is when the partner has Venus and the Moon in Pisces and Cancer, and Mars and the Ascendant in earth signs. Then it turns out to combine sensuality and practicality in family life. If the Ascendant of the spouse falls into the sectors of air and water, the seven-house Pisces will have to row in the family boat on their own and suffer from domestic disorder. Acquaintance with a loved one most often occurs by the water, at music concerts, photo shoots, in a theater or cinema, less often in hospitals and restaurants. At a low level of development – at parties and discos with a lot of alcohol. Partners are attracted incredibly sensitive, creative, with a receptive nervous system, up to panic attacks with an excess of stress, which also binds the native hand and foot, turning marriage into a sacrificial service.

The image of the enemy at the 7th house in Pisces

The seven-house Pisces have more secret envious people and enemies than anyone else. Moreover, there is often no direct evidence of sabotage, and the alleged enemy is generously gifted in acting and perfectly portrays participation and friendly support. Only intuition will tell the native where the threat comes from.

In this regard, it is easier when the Moon and Neptune are exalted or united by a favorable aspect. The nature of the enemies is unobtrusive, insinuating, dreamy. They can be secret abusers or toxic people that the native tolerates out of the goodness of their hearts, pitying or wanting to re-educate. If there are aspects with the 4th house, it is quite possible that this is the mother or relatives from her side, with the 10th – father-in-law, with the 6th – colleagues. It is necessary to carefully analyze the relationship with those born under the sign of Pisces.

Elaboration of the 7th house in Pisces

With harmonious Neptune and Jupiter, the owners of the 7th house in the sign of Pisces are sensitive and wise enough to separate lies from truth. They attract spiritually developed, creative partners who help them grow and discover new facets of relationships. The danger is the affected Neptune and the Moon. The first blurs consciousness with false ideas about love, distorts intuition tips, the second fills with fears and suspicions. Low self-esteem results in excessive guardianship over a partner and control over the smallest details, which annoys both spouses, but it is difficult to change the situation without working with an astrologer and a psychologist.

It is necessary to constantly analyze the immediate environment at the time of secret enemies, if there is a feeling that all plans are failing, it is worth voicing them in the presence of friends. In this case, there is definitely a secret envious person and it is important to figure it out in time.

When choosing a partner, it is advisable to look at the natal chart and focus on Mars in earth signs, as well as avoid the owners of the 7th house in Gemini. This does not apply to astrologically literate spiritual people who know how to elaborate the weak points of their chart.

Seven-house Pisces are recommended to wear talisman stones to protect personal happiness from the evil eye: white and black pearls, mother-of-pearl, larimar, amazonite, white, scarlet, pink corals.


Vasilisa Vishneva

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