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Amazonite. The magical properties of the stone

AmazoniteAmazonite is an opaque semi-precious mineral with a delicate blue-green color. Light blotches give amazonite a special appeal and a mysterious look. Contemplating the intricate patterns of the stone and its charming marine shades, everyone becomes a little calmer and brighter in their souls.

Many legends are associated with this stone, and the most famous one is about beautiful and independent Amazons who allegedly used the stone to increase their strength and attractiveness. It is also known that amazonite was highly prized in Ancient Egypt. Crafts and decorations from it were found in large numbers in the tombs of the pharaohs. Currently, amazonite is mined in Russia, America, Brazil and some other countries.

This stone is not expensive, but human availability is not the only advantage of amazonite. The mineral has a number of magical and healing properties, which, when properly used, are able to improve the quality of life of any person.

The magical properties of the stone

The most important miraculous property of amazonite is that it makes a person's life joyful, calm and serene. The owner of this stone wants neither conflicts, nor quarrels, nor intrigues. He is building a family and building a house with enviable persistence. Such a person wants to create a home where everyone will be comfortable and cozy.

The stone gives not only a feeling of stability, softness and security, but also improves the material condition. At the same time, a person does not need to go on adventures and financial risks. He finds outstanding talents in himself and easily realizes his abilities, which brings him not only respect and fame, but also good material returns.

Amazonite is a favorite stone among women. He gives them softness, sensitivity, unique charm and attractiveness. Women become more gentle, diplomatic and compliant. Thanks to their best qualities, they manage to preserve the warmth of the hearth and good relations with all family members even in the most difficult times.

The stone will be an excellent helper in any activity. It will open up creative and business skills, attract many clients and create a situation of success in matters related to the trade and consulting business.


Healing (medicinal) properties of the stone

Amazonite brings harmony with it and, of course, this harmony concerns not only the soul, but also the human body. The stone is able to improve human health and positively affect his well-being.

Amazonite gives joy and makes you laugh in any situation. A person who wears an amulet made of amazonite is not in danger of depression. He loves life and strives to do everything to increase its duration. Lithotherapists believe that amazonite strengthens the heart muscle and improves the condition of blood vessels. Necklaces, beads and pendants from this stone are recommended for those who suffer from chronic diseases of the throat and respiratory system.

Especially this soft blue stone will bring a lot of benefits to women. It will improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair. It is beneficial to have the stone nearby during cosmetic and cosmetic procedures. It helps to smooth wrinkles and make the skin look healthy and supple. Amazonite reduces pain associated with varicose veins, and promotes rapid healing of open wounds and bruises.

The mineral will provide invaluable help to those who dream of restoring the correct metabolism. After exhausting diets, taking antibiotics and lingering ailments, it is often necessary to quickly restore the body's water and energy balance, as well as the intestinal microflora. Along with the means of traditional medicine, you can also use the miraculous power of the stone. Lithotherapists advise using water infused with amazonite. For excess body fat, a massage performed with smooth blue stones is recommended.

In addition, amazonite will improve the condition of the reproductive system of the body. It enhances potency in men and helps a woman to give birth to a healthy and strong child.


Who is Amazonite suitable for?

The stone has a pronounced feminine energy, so it is best suited for women. However, regardless of gender, amazonite will strengthen in a person the qualities and abilities for which Venus and the Moon are responsible in his horoscope. If these planets are weakened and need support, then Amazonite will come to the rescue, bringing softness, balance, harmony and creativity to a person's life.

Thanks to the Amazonite, Libra and Cancer will be able to improve their personal and family life, Taurus and Pisces will feel romance and creative inspiration, and Virgo and Gemini will easily show their communication and diplomatic abilities. Some astrologers believe that the stone will help Capricorns and Scorpios recover from depression and banish melancholy.

If representatives of other signs of the zodiac have felt a strong craving and sympathy for this mineral, then you should listen to your heart. Maybe it's time to let the energies of peace, happiness, love and hope into your life.

Garipova Lilia Ramilevna


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