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7th house in the sign of Taurus

The incredibly important 7th house of the horoscope, without harmony in which one cannot speak of complete happiness in a person’s life, is responsible for relationships. This is not only love and marriage, but also cooperation in business, friendship and enmity on a broad scale. By narrowing the look at the sign on the cusp and the planets with aspects, one can quite accurately determine the appearance, profession and even the circumstances of meeting future spouses and speed up the meeting by appearing in the right places.

Taurus in the 7th house with harmonious Venus promises family happiness in abundance and comfort. Slowly and thoroughly, the native chooses a life partner and friends from social circles pleasant to him with excellent character traits. Such people love those who fall in love with them and experience almost no love suffering. At a low level of development, everyone spoils possessiveness and the desire to get profit.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

The seven-house Taurus have been looking closely at future friends and lovers for a long time, choosing reliable and worthy ones. Of course, financial solvency is very attractive to them, but if there is kindness, loyalty to the word and the external beauty of a partner, wealth will not be a prerequisite for entering into any kind of alliance.

However, in the absence of a spiritual component and an abundance of tense aspects, there is a possibility of communicating only with the rich or using the good feelings of people who sympathize with them for self-interest. Here a marriage of convenience is possible, but usually the owners of the 7th house in Taurus manage not only to marry for love, but also to have a full cup of wealth.

With all their love for money, such individuals are generous to those whom they chose as their companions. A wife or husband receives expensive gifts, they are given romantic surprises, do not forget memorable dates and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries luxuriously.

In a business partnership, they also become a guarantor of financial success. Caution, initial capital, and the ability to attract lucrative contracts are a great foundation for a startup.

The image of a husband and wife

The native’s chosen ones possess a rare combination of external charm and internal warmth, but at the same time, commercialism, the desire to live a comfortable life without doing anything, cannot be ruled out. If Venus is strong, there will be no problems with relationships, since the owners of the 7th house in Taurus and their companions have the same views and goals, but with the affected ruler, calculation is likely.

For men, this is fraught with a passion for practical beauties, and women fall in love with charming gigolos. However, in any case, the chosen ones appreciate beauty, comfort, delicious food, elegant interior, they love theater, cinema and just sitting at home watching TV. They can meet thier future husband and wife in a cafe, restaurant, beauty salon, hairdresser, or at a concert.

The ideal Descendant partner mirrors the Ascendant, which falls into the sign of Scorpio in the 7th house wards in Taurus. Accordingly, in order not to suffer from jealousy, they are looking for a reliable spouse, at the same time sufficiently sensual and able to enjoy the gifts of the material world, ready for a joint ascent to the peak of success. Despite the stubbornness and intransigence on both sides, marriage rarely falls apart.

The image of the enemy in the 7th house in Taurus

The Ascendant in Scorpio makes people sharp-tongued and irritable if trouble happens in social areas that are important to them, for example, at work. Usually calm and level-headed, explodes and even insults those who are indirectly involved in the problem, which leads to the unintentional emergence of ill-wishers.

Enemies often take their time with revenge or intrigue. These are envious people who dream that the well-being of the 7th house in Taurus will suddenly disappear, or spouses who have joined fate with them only for profit. They can substitute at the most unexpected moment, especially if Venus is struck by Uranus or Pluto. The seven-house Taurus do not believe in the presence of enemies for a long time, but when they are detected, they take all security measures, surrounding themselves and those close to them with trenches with hidden tanks and machine guns, which becomes an unpleasant surprise for the enemies.

At a low level of development, people are very worried and afraid of the invasion of other people’s energies into their comfortable world.

Elaboration of the 7th house in Taurus

Since this is one of the best positions for Sector 7, the native’s main enemy is not an outsider, but himself. It is important to strike a balance between the spiritual quest and the esoteric experiences of Scorpio and the need for material comfort in Taurus.

Any imbalance will negatively affect the relationship. The main problem of seven-house Taurus is sluggishness, slowness and stubbornness, which is why they often lose the opportunity to find friends and life partners. For a welcome meeting with soul mates, they need to attend events where the spirit of beauty and wealth reigns: jewelry and art exhibitions, fashion shows, culinary shows, concerts, spas, luxury hotels. Acquaintance with a future husband, wife, friend can equally happen both on vacation and during a financial conference or in the midst of partnership negotiations.

Loneliness in the 7th house in Taurus is contraindicated, they need to be in a relationship, love and feel the return. The best life partner is strong and balanced, regardless of gender, but at the same time, sensitive and passionate, equal to the native in terms of financial wealth.

Talisman stones that protect seven-house Taurus from secret enemies and speed up the meeting with the soul mate: diamonds, turquoise, rose quartz.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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