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8th house in the sign of Capricorn

The eighth house is often associated with the circumstances of the death of the native, but as the consciousness and inner strength of humanity grow, it is interpreted more symbolically, denoting crises, after passing through which the owner of the horoscope burns out and is reborn at a new level of the physical world. However, it is possible to calculate the main dangers that are really capable of attracting fatal accidents.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and he mercilessly asks from the native at the slightest deviation from the universal rules of justice and nobility. The case when it is important to observe the 10 commandments thoroughly. If there are karmic debts, and the 8th house and the planet of order are affected, people will have to work them out. However, Saturn also gives strength of mind, stamina and resources for all this.

Crises and sources of danger

Eight-house Capricorns are tormented by many fears and anxieties in the depths of their souls, but they admit this only to the closest. They maintain a calm appearance even in moments of crisis, thereby reassuring others and inspiring hope for a solution to the problem.

With fiery Mars, a seemingly calm person suddenly becomes a hero at a moment of general shock and panic. This is the benefit of the gifts of cold-blooded Saturn.

Crises happen abruptly, sometimes out of the blue, and have long-term consequences, because they arise to fully work out karmic debts.

For example, falls and fractures while skiing or snowboarding downhill: they happen quickly, take a long time to heal, the goal is to allow yourself to enjoy life without fear of punishment for feeling pleasure.

The main dangers with the 8th house in Capricorn:

  • fractures and injuries of bones and joint damage – symbolize the internal stagnation of ideas and the lack of spiritual growth, flexibility of thinking, unconditional love for people;
  • falls from a height: caution when hiking in the mountains, staying on observation decks, balconies, stairs, as well as dangerous situations at depth: do not jump into the water, swim in lakes without a bottom, swim across rivers or cross them on ice, and also fish at ice hole;
  • enclosed spaces, including elevators, underground passages, basements, mines, caves;
  • a blow from a height: the notorious brick on the head, an icicle, a pot of flowers, therefore it is forbidden to walk under the balconies;
  • psychological pressure from a group of spiteful critics: bullying, intrigues in the team;
  • abandoned buildings, unfinished objects, dark alleys, entrances, deserted places, especially if the native walks there alone.

    It should be noted that Saturn appreciates foresight and justice. If an eight-house Capricorns see a person drowning in an ice hole, it is certainly dangerous to try to help on their own, but they can not ignore the test either. It is best to call for help and support the person in a safe way, such as throwing a rope or a long stick. With care and safety rules, this position of the 8th house promises a long life and a peaceful death from old age.

    Passion and money

    The native is usually an authority figure in the field of financial management. This may be due to the profession of a manager, broker, accountant, but also due to self-education in the field of financial planning, endowment insurance, investments. In any case, it will be very uncomfortable for men and women with 8th house in Capricorn to live without knowledge of money control. They want to be rich and have financial power, while having large sums in their accounts, they can limit themselves in everyday pleasures.

    There is a second option – worship and submission to the powerful of this world, providing their own funds for their management or working for them, when money flows through a man, but they do not belong to him.

    Eight-house Capricorns find it difficult and scary to reveal their feelings, so they are rather restrained in sex, afraid to take the initiative, or choose a timid and indecisive partner in order to feel experienced and invulnerable. Sometimes they use sex to advance through the ranks or face harassment from superiors.

    Elaboration of the 8th house in Capricorn

    Despite the impression of a calm, strong and self-confident person, the native quickly falls into prolonged depression and apathy if the series of failures drags on. Harmonizing of the house requires foresight and understanding that difficulties only show what needs to be worked out in life so that the future path develops easily.

    It should be understood that with the 8th house in Capricorn, fears are most often exaggerated and the owners of such a house must have the courage to meet their dragons. It is necessary to learn diplomacy, the art of flirting with the opposite sex, and having set a goal, go towards it steadily, without being distracted by trifles.

    The dangers of falling under a collapse or freezing also have a metaphorical meaning. People with the 8th house in the sign of Capricorn need to be prepared for public criticism, negative energy flows from the authorities, who have been whispered bad things about them.

    Despite the love of eight-house Capricorns for mountains and skiing, they need to be extremely careful and not go underground, for example, into caves, unnecessarily. Rauh topaz and blue sapphire will serve as powerful amulets against accidents.

    Vasilisa Vishneva

    Celebrities with the 8th House in Capricorn:


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