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8th house in the sign of Aquarius

The most frightening and mystical sector of the horoscope is not only about death and sex, but also about the transformation of consciousness, crises as growth points, relationships with large sums of money and other people’s resources. People should not forget about taxes and the corresponding power structures, relations with the team and sources of danger, which are spelled out here through the sign on the cusp and aspects of the ruler.

The owners of the 8th house in Aquarius have 2 types of crises: Uranian, that is, sudden, and Saturnian – long-term. Most often they are associated with the emergence of a new concept of life. It becomes unbearable for such individuals to live in the old reality, but they are not yet ready for the new one. The expectation is exhausting, and the thirst for change pushes them to rash acts.

Crises and sources of danger

All changes in the life of a native occur suddenly, falling like snow on their heads, when there is no psychological readiness. Overcoming difficulties requires non-standard behavior, original thinking, in order to act differently than is customary in these situations.

It will not be possible to predict the problem in advance and prepare for it due to the influence of the ruler of Aquarius in the 8th house – Uranus. A gale-force wind can arise in a second, electric wiring catches fire, and a loyal teacher at the exam right in front of the native will be replaced by a harmful and picky teacher. In such cases, individuals have to act and think quickly, impulsively, improvising or providing first aid. Safety rules in critical situations can still be learned in advance in order to know the algorithm of actions.

The main dangers with the 8th house in Aquarius:

  • electric shocks, explosions of gadgets (it is contraindicated for the native to use them with a swollen power supply or during recharging), electrical appliances ignite, and household appliances often break down in the house at the most inopportune moment;
  • natural anomalies: earthquakes, lightning strikes, tornadoes pose a danger not only to the owners of the horoscope, but also to their homes with negative aspects between 4 and 8 houses. These include falling trees and even planes, ball lightning, which is already a reason to insure housing;
  • extreme sports: snowboarding, parachuting and jumping into the water from a great height, rock climbing without insurance and even selfies in places that are especially scary for the layman;
  • height and sky as a symbol of Uranus: walking on rooftops, flying on airplanes, hang gliders, even parachuting above sea level is fraught with the fact that the cable may burst and the native will be carried away in an unknown direction;
  • Internet: gambling addiction, dangerous acquaintances with scammers and criminals, theft of money from a card, dependence on social networks.

It is important to pay attention: are there any connections between the 8th house in Aquarius and its ruler with the 4th, 6th and 12th houses in order to figure out what exactly to fear. The danger is not always fatal, and the owners of the horoscope should not refuse to travel by plane if Uranus is in a good position without quadratures and oppositions, but they should be prepared for delays and equipment breakdowns.

Passion and money

The emotional coldness of eight-house Aquarius helps them cope with psychological crises, but plays a disservice in sexual relationships. They show interest in various experiments, the approach is more technical than sensual, while, like all airy eight-houses, they like to splurge, portraying hero-lovers. The external reputation of a heartthrob is more important than the real state of affairs. Sex for them does not really matter much, it is more important to talk with a partner about themselves, their plans and dreams.

Eight house Aquarians attract big money only when they understand the higher meaning of such earnings. For example, they work for large corporations that support environmental programs or transfer large percentages to funds for sick children. They themselves are quite often involved in charitable projects and manage the finances of similar organizations. Selflessness and original thinking help to collect the necessary amounts in the shortest possible time. Innovative ideas and technical knowledge are the basis of personal wealth.

Elaboration of the 8th house in Aquarius

Men and women with this position of the 8th house are not afraid of death, considering it a transition to the subtle world, with which they are already connected through their intuition. They draw incredible ideas from the world consciousness, ahead of their time, and besides, they have paranormal abilities: they read the thoughts of others, foresee events.

The main thing is that people with the 8th house in Aquarius should trust their inner voice, feel the danger, and not allow themselves to hover in the clouds, building pink castles.

The more the native gets practical skills in working with electronics and technology, the easier it will be to earn money and avoid electric shock as well.

A strong desire to be different from others must still be placed within reason, so as not to reinvent the wheel out of the blue, just to seem original. The solution of problems cannot be postponed until later, because if they go into a protracted Saturnian stage, depression and apathy will develop, which will be difficult to get out of without help.

The owners of the 8th house in Aquarius are shown talisman stones that will help them to be creative, but remain sane: sultanite, paraiba tourmaline, blue topaz and blue sapphire.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 8th House in Aquarius:


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