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9th house in the sign of Aries

The first fiery house above the horizon line gives our life higher meanings, expands our worldview and encourages us to seek the keys of knowledge. This is a place of good luck, given that the symbolic ruler is Jupiter, the planet of great happiness, as well as connections with the new world. This is manifested through higher education, travel to other countries and business contacts with foreigners, relatives of the spouse, esoteric knowledge. All this expands the boundaries of consciousness and provides new ways of development.

The 9th house in Aries makes its owners fiery seekers of truth, but they like to judge and expose shortcomings more than to find ways to correct them. These are idealists and dramatic artists who despise simplicity and routine. If there is little interesting in life, they themselves will direct an amazing film about themselves, regardless of the stereotypes of society.

Education and knowledge

Owners of the 9th house in Aries are confident in their divine origin and the right to all the best. Their views are very different from the majority and are shaped by fiery revelations from above. They do not believe other people’s arguments, having not received confirmation from personal experience, but they raise their intuitive insights to an indisputable truth, proving that they are right and arguing even with university teachers, which is why they make a lot of ill-wishers and can be expelled from an educational institution, especially when Jupiter opposes Saturn.

The owners of the 9th house in Aries are characterized by common features:

  • the desire to get a prestigious higher education, but inside the university they deliberately violate the dress code and code of conduct, shocking and proving to themselves that they are allowed more than mere mortals;
  • difficulties with learning with a weak or affected Saturn: no perseverance, they don’t go to boring lectures and get superficial knowledge;
  • calm attitude to having a diploma, but it will be the guarantor of good earnings in employment;
  • inability to get a diploma due to expulsion from the university for bad behavior and poor progress, or they themselves leave the institute;
  • quarrels and fights with classmates, dormitory neighbors, in certain aspects even with teachers;
  • active social life among students: participation in various creative groups, theatrical productions, political projects.

Paradoxically, as teachers, the owners of the 9th house in Aries are simply great. They present even boring knowledge and theories artistically, brightly, with many practical examples from personal experience. They still need to choose a profession according to the 10th house, which is likely to fall into the sign of Taurus, but the choice of an educational institution according to the 9th, so that it would be interesting to study rather complex financial disciplines that require perseverance and patience.

Travel and religion

Nine-house Aries are incredibly self-confident and consider themselves invulnerable. They often travel on their own, do not like seals to rest on the beach, preferring to explore hot countries on their own, combining with extreme sports and directly participating in the events of the country.

Among them are many bloggers who visit exotic countries with an authoritarian dictatorial regime and report from forbidden places. With an abundance of negative aspects of Mars, they are in danger of conflicts with the local population if their customs and rules are violated, given the hostility of the nine-house Aries to the observance of decency and dress code. With a tense aspect of Mars and Pluto, they can easily get into the center of armed clashes, revolutions or a coup d’état abroad.

If Mars is harmonious, there will be many vivid impressions abroad, fateful meetings, new knowledge. It is favorable for the owners of the horoscope to train in another country or even open their own business in the presence of a strong Jupiter and its connection with the 9th sector of the horoscope.

Such individuals fiercely defend their religious or atheistic beliefs, ruthlessly destroying the opponents’ beliefs with various examples, becoming personal and humiliating. At the same time, their fiery faith and service to ideals can be of great benefit, but harm is not excluded if they decide to baptize the world with fire and sword.

Elaboration of the 9th house in Aries

If you combine the thirst for knowledge of the native with perseverance and a sense of proportion, the karmic task can be considered completed. The problem of the nine-house Aries is the aggressive presentation of their position, the complete rejection of criticism and other people’s arguments, as well as the unwillingness to compromise. Having decided, for example, that their place is at MGIMO or Harvard, but failing to get into it, they will refuse any other alternative to higher education and will be left without a diploma. They will learn the consequences of such vehemence later, when nothing can be corrected.

It is necessary to restrain one’s categoricalness, allow other people to give advice and help, respect other people’s opinions, traditions, beliefs, even if they do not coincide with personal beliefs.

As a basis, they need to take the fact that having a diploma will open many doors and opportunities, and literally sit themselves at the desk, restraining impulses to be daring and argue with higher ranks.

Playing sports in the teams of the university and subsequently abroad will help to relieve negative energy. They need to be friends with the leaders of different religions, allow themselves to be a respected authority among them, drawing positive discoveries for themselves in foreign cultures. It is advisable to avoid mass events abroad and not to travel to countries with a military regime.

It is favorable to take amulets on trips and to study: amethyst and garnet of maroon shades.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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