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9th house in the sign of Cancer

The ninth house suggests development through education, practical knowledge from personal experience and travel to different countries, development through connections with representatives of other cultures and religions. The zodiac sign here will show the character of spirituality, relationship with religion, spouse’s relatives, and areas where the native is lucky. Sector 9, strong and filled with planets, generates an incredible interest in everything foreign, up to an obsessive desire to go abroad.

However, when the 9th house falls into the sign of Cancer, the success and development of a person is always associated with loyalty to the traditions of the ancestors. The owners of this house are interested in traveling to historical places and countries with archaeological sites, wonders of the world, but they do not intend to leave their native country. It is better to choose a university close to home, at least not abroad, and preferably one where their parents or grandparents studied. This will be a powerful foundation for success.

Education and knowledge

The owners of the 8th house in the sign of Cancer are soft, sensitive and emotional. They are well given knowledge that arouses interest, therefore it is at the university that they can reveal themselves as intellectual personalities, find many friends who will actually become a second family. Given that the 3rd house is in Capricorn, there were clearly problems with this at school, but the university is chosen by the heart, so the owners of the 9th house in Cancer flourish at the time of students. When a water sign is in a fiery house by nature, they gain knowledge by interacting with the world through emotions.

Helping people, organizing a society to support lagging behind students, charity events, friendly parties reveal the personality of the native and open the way to the next level, where there are new teachers and peaks.

The native is a unique teacher, like a parent who puts a soul and knowledge into the students. Such a person will always support, protect and teach as much as necessary for the result, regardless of the payment of time.

The main features of the influence of the 9th house in Cancer:

  • study argues with emotional involvement -they like the presentation of the material by the teacher, when there is a warm atmosphere on the course, everyone supports and does not criticize;
  • developed intuition, eloquence, soft charm, the ability to convince through personal example and emotional images;
  • good reputation due to responsibility and goodwill;
  • there is often a rejection of traditional higher education, they can finish courses or, for example, limit themselves to college, choosing the profession of support staff: a nurse, a patronage worker, an employee of the hotel business;
  • mutual understanding and friendship with the leadership of the university, but with the affected Moon, self-interest is possible, the use of a kind attitude towards oneself in intrigues.

Since the ruler of Cancer in the 9th house is the Moon, people with such a horoscope need to look at its position and aspects. Any connection with Lilith introduces an element of deceit and difficulty in communicating with other people. If the Moon is in opposition or square with Mercury and Neptune, they will have to work thoroughly with a psychologist in order to dare to show themselves to the world, make friends and speak publicly.

Travel and religion

The owners of the 9th house in Cancer are most often religious and will never switch to another faith and culture, even if they are interested in them. They can study world religions, visit countries where they profess Islam or Buddhism, but they themselves will remain in the worldview of their parents. Moreover, usually sweet and benevolent, they show unusual stubbornness and even aggression in defending their beliefs. This is especially evident in personal relationships, if, for example, they fell in love with a person with different views.

They prefer to travel at home on the couch through the TV screen. However, trips to the sea are not excluded, where a lot of insights and discoveries, acquaintances and just a good rest for the head actually take place.

Trips to countries with sea tourism help the owners of the 9th house in Cancer to relax and start a new stage in life. It happens that they decide to move abroad, this is usually associated with a marriage of great love, but they will be happy only if they have a society of compatriots where they can speak their native language and celebrate holidays close to the soul.

Elaboration of the 9th house in Cancer

The more harmonious the Moon in the horoscope, the easier it will be for the native to study and interact with teachers. Negative aspects portend aggressive teachers and an inhospitable team, which painfully hurts the soul of nine-house Cancer, and most importantly, makes it impossible to succeed in school and career. It is necessary to strengthen and work out the Moon through external actions: a careful choice of a university based on the feedback of those who study there, and not only focusing on prestige and location.

If Jupiter is also in Cancer, it is desirable to find oneself at home without moving to another country for a long time, or to make sure that it will be as good abroad as at home in all respects that are important for the native. It is better to move with the whole family, otherwise the owners of the horoscope will blame themselves for leaving their parents alone.

As a rule, warm and trusting relations develop with relatives on the part of the spouse, but with the affected Moon, intrigues from the mother-in-law are possible.

Ornaments made from natural stones will help the owners of the horoscope to find inner balance, confidence and the ability to win people over on issues of the 9th house in Cancer. It is for this purpose that it is desirable for them to wear emerald, amazonite, heliotrope in silver.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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