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Trigon Mars-Pluto. Wizard on a helicopter gunship

Trigon is an aspect that gives a lot of opportunities and talents. If you support him with hard work and the practical application of his abilities, then you can enjoy success and prosperity until old age. However, the owners of the Mars-Pluto trine do not have this question. They initially have a powerful will and the ability to renew their lives.

The main gifts of the aspect are a developed will and the ability to transform negative emotions and events into positive energy through active actions. At the same time, the native is resolute, hardy, with a practical approach to life, although he is interested in the occult sciences and esotericism with the expectation of getting the maximum benefit, combining active work with magical actions. Most carriers of the aspect in their youth intuitively use its power, and learning more through astrology and developing spiritually, they become real magicians-masters of life.

Mars-Pluto trigon possibilities

The native is outraged by social inequality and injustice. Colossal reserves of energy are used to fight evil, which always leads a person to high positions in politics, business and culture. In fact, the owners of the Mars-Pluto trine set themselves the noble goal of improving the life of society, and in order to achieve it, they strive for power and financial management. Naturally talented strategists and organizers, they are accustomed to using all means, not limited to charity.

The danger is in the difficulty of observing the boundaries of good and evil. Nativa is attracted by a magnet to military subjects, weapons, martial arts. At the average level of development, carriers of the Mars-Pluto trine sincerely believe that the end justifies the means and is not against the baptism of society with fire and sword, which imperceptibly for them pulls to the dark side with good intentions. Knowing this makes it easier to resist the temptation to impose your will on society, and it’s easier to focus on developing the strengths of the trine:

  • self-confidence, courage, charisma, virus-resistant immunity;
  • versatile giftedness in both technical and humanitarian directions;
  • adherence to high ideals and religious values;
  • the ability to control the masses not only through the instruments of power, but magic, the power of thought and subconsciousness;
  • the ability to abstract from emotions at the moment of danger and choose the only correct path to salvation;
  • the gift of being reborn from the ashes and starting a new business, even after bankruptcy or a seemingly irrevocably destroyed reputation;
  • diligence and attentiveness in scientific research of the secret and unknown, subject to personal interest.

Sometimes the Mars-Pluto trine is an indicator of glory, but it has the most powerful effect on the wards in whom one of the planets is located in the 1st , 7th and 10th houses . He seems to lead them on the path of destination upward through signs and fateful meetings.

Love and marriage under Mars-Pluto trigon

Men and women with the Mars-Pluto trine are incredibly sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. However, they themselves are subject to dependence on passion for another person. Falling in love, they can forget about food and abandon work, dreaming of being next to a person dear to their hearts. Sometimes it takes the form of manic affection, and in the absence of reciprocity, the carriers of the Mars-Pluto trine begin to impose their persona, persecute, bombard with messages and calls. If the native is wealthy, then a waterfall of fabulously expensive gifts and surprises falls on the subject of his passion, which is very pleasant with reciprocal passion, but scares a person who has other plans.

The owners of the Mars-Pluto trine are domineering and uncompromising, strive to subjugate and control their partner: the more they love, the more carefully they follow every gesture and desire. This is especially true for people with Mars in fire and water signs. Given their natural willpower, they are able to cope with excruciating jealousy and authoritarianism of character if they set such a goal, because otherwise life with them will turn into a thriller. Removing excessive control and irascibility, they will be able to appear before their beloved partner in the form of a wizard who fulfills his cherished desires.

Practical interaction with the Mars-Pluto trigon

Aggressiveness and impulsiveness negatively affect the fate of the owners of the planets in the element of fire. Here you need to show maximum restraint, and direct the habit of controlling what is happening to yourself, and not to external circumstances and others. It is extremely important for the owners of the Mars-Pluto trine to exercise regularly, choosing impressive loads in order to relieve nervous and physical stress.

Lack of fear also becomes a problem and cause of death through negligence, when the native commits extreme actions to show off in front of an interesting person for himself, or, in a fit of anger, goes to fight with a crowd of armed bandits.

Success comes in the fields of science, medicine, sports, technical innovation. The inventions of the owners of the Mars-Pluto trine can change the lives of millions of people. An example of this is Steve Jobs.

Jewelry with natural stones can stabilize the effect of trine. Obsidian , carnelian , tourmaline, vesuvian are suitable as a talisman .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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