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9th house in the sign of Pisces

The ninth house reflects the social and spiritual orientation of a person, attitude towards foreign culture and residents of other countries, religion and the institution of the church. Whether higher education is obligatory, or it is possible to achieve success without it, is also read by the sign on the cusp of this field and aspects to it. Fame and wealth begin here, thanks to the right profession, but it must be borne in mind that they will reach their apogee in the 10th house if the direction is chosen correctly.

The 9th house in Pisces means that the Meridian of the Midheaven falls most often in the sign of Aries, which puts its owners in a difficult position. In an effort to study at a creative university, they are not always ready for a decisive assault on career heights, thinking that they will be patronized or they will be engaged in charity. The main thing that drives them is the spiritual search for God and the idea of serving him.

Education and knowledge

The ruler of the 9th house in Pisces is Neptune, so the inner ideal for these owners is the pure ideas of Christianity: kindness, compassion, forgiveness and help. This would make them easy prey for scammers, but the 3rd house in Virgo, which influenced them during their school years, most likely taught them to distinguish lies from truth, as well as to notice important details. If only Mercury is retrograde and Neptune is weakened by negative aspects, they fall prey to conspiracies, especially in terms of higher education.

The owner of the 9th house in Pisces can be made a scapegoat, hang other people’s crimes, or at least mistakenly consider the neighbor’s cheat sheets to be his own. In order to avoid this, the main direction of development should be spiritual and religious, in order to always be under the protection of the Higher powers.

The very nature of the native disposes to life according to religious precepts. Such people are kind, gentle, merciful and ready to help everyone. However, because of this, they get worse grades than they could, because they were busy explaining the topic to those who were lagging behind or went to a more strict examiner because a friend was not prepared and was afraid.

The main features of the influence of the 9th house in Pisces on the native:

  • calm attitude to higher education, lack of desire to get a diploma, and women can even get married after school, take care of the house and children, and in their free time, creative hobbies;
  • vivid imaginative thinking, rich imagination, the need to be useful through emotional empathy;
  • desire to study in creative, medical universities, culinary colleges, engage in the hotel business, psychology, photography;
  • insight, intuition, inner self-admiration, when people with such a horoscope allow themselves a lot, secretly considering their personality to be more gifted and needed by the world, which is clearly visible when Neptune and Jupiter are struck;
  • the need for creative hobbies: dancing, drawing, playing on stage, photography for self-assertion among students;
  • swimming as a way to relieve the stress of dealing with earthy and rough people, and it can also bring success during studies, for example, through participation in university competitions.

If Neptune does not have bad aspects with Mercury and Venus, the owners of the 9th house in Pisces are loved by teachers and peers. Otherwise, they need to prepare for intrigue and envy. It is important to confidently declare yourself as a creative person and win on this energy, and also include innate empathy, kindness and help.

Travel and religion

Nine-house Pisces are deeply religious people. Most often, this feeling takes shape in the process of attending church. They are close to the ideas of Christianity, the splendor and mystical symbolism of Orthodoxy, but most importantly, the very idea of ​​God as an absolute lives in them, a piece of which is in the heart of everyone. That is why they often become volunteers for charitable organizations, study psychology, as well as astrology and mystical teachings, trying to understand the world in all its versatility. Travel can start through creative and humanitarian activities with trips to festivals and exhibitions. The native dreams of distant lands and beautiful exotic nature. Since the ruler of the 9th house in Pisces is Neptune, then all countries with seas and oceans are suitable for travel, however, when it is located in the 8th and 12th houses, such individuals need to be careful when swimming and avoid traveling on ships and yachts. Rest on rivers and lakes will also be favorable.

Spiritual revelations and insights, meetings with teachers and patron friends also occur on such trips.

Elaboration of the 9th house in Pisces

Karmic tasks – obtaining new knowledge through emotional empathy, support, even shocks. Communication with people will give more knowledge of psychology than a hundred books. People with the 9th house in the sign of Pisces will perfectly be able to apply them in acting, psychotherapy, artistic creativity and film directing. Given the 10th house in Aries, they are not shown to be actors, but the director is an exact hit in the center. Other professions that will bring fame and money: medicine, psychology, literary creativity, design.

Emotional burnout, which happens to the native quite often, is treated with therapy with a psychologist, solitude near the water, lack of chaos at home and on the desktop. Nine-house Pisces are not prone to systemic tidying up, but without it it is difficult for them to concentrate. They can remember the exam in a day, in a panic try to embrace the immensity and fail their brilliant future simply by inattention.

Charoite, green aventurine, chrysocolla, turquoise will become excellent assistants on the path of focused study and protectors from scammers for nine-house Pisces.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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