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Aspects of Mercury and the Ascendant

Mercury conjunct the Ascendant

You are restless, excitable and have a lot of nervous energy that does not allow you to relax and calm down. You enjoy being on the move and participating in several projects at the same time. Your mind is active and you are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and information. You need an incentive to communicate with others, and you do not like being alone for a long time. It is sometimes quite difficult for you to stop your brain from racing back and forth, and so sometimes you just want to turn it on and off yourself, as if you had your own personal switch to get some peace of mind.

Mercury in harmony with the Ascendant

You enjoy interacting with people on a mental level, and discussing new ideas is especially enjoyable for you. You have many and varied interests and most likely enjoy traveling. You are interested in many things and love to be in society, interacting with other people.

Dissonance of Mercury with the Ascendant

You love challenges and are quick to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in any argument or discussion. You have a lot of nervous energy and cannot sit still for a long time. You prefer intellectuals and you enjoy challenging their thinking and ideas. Sometimes you may have a lack of clarity in expressing your thoughts, and there are times when you just talk too much.


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