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Mercury Sextile – Mars

The good aspects of Mercury and Mars, which include sextile, endow the native with energy and business acumen.  Mercury , responsible for thinking, perception and transmission of data, under the influence of Mars, becomes more active and active. A person with such an aspect in the horoscope is able to find the information that he needs to carry out effective activities.

On the other hand, Mars and its aspects will tell about which area of ​​life the subject directs his energy and forces to. The harmonious aspect of Mars with Mercury indicates that a person strives for success in intellectual, commercial, and negotiation-mediation activities.

Mercury Sextile - Mars

Aspect and its influence on personality

This aspect makes a person sociable, resourceful and adventurous. People around him trust his convincing words and respect him for his sharp and clear mind.

The owner of this configuration knows how to make useful contacts and communicate constructively with people. He will achieve the greatest success in the production, financial and business sectors. Even if he does not have a technical education, his natural instinct helps him to correct minor malfunctions in household appliances and in a personal vehicle.

The influence of the aspect in the natal chart of a man

This aspect in a man's birth chart will tell about his character and style of behavior. The native will have good intellectual abilities, the gift of persuasion and eloquence. Thanks to business acumen and organizational talent, it will be possible to achieve good results in commercial activities. He will be interested in work related to transport, communications and information systems.

The influence of the aspect in the natal chart of a woman

The harmonious aspect of Mars and Mercury in the woman's radix will tell that she will prefer outgoing, practical and erudite men. In such an alliance, an exchange of views and the process of jointly finding meaningful solutions will play an important role. Partners will undertake various trips or enjoy studying together.

Sextile of Mercury and Mars in the children's horoscope

The harmonious aspect of the sextiles of Mars and Mercury in the child's horoscope indicates that he can be equally successful in both intellectual and physical activity. The mind of such a child needs to be constantly occupied, otherwise he will quickly get bored. Such children have a wide range of interests, but it is easiest for them to study physics, chemistry and foreign languages.

Sports activities will develop the child's dexterity and dexterity, and the study of applied types of creativity will inspire you to create beautiful and useful things with your own hands.

Interaction of planets in different signs of the zodiac

Sextile most often unites planets located in friendly elements: in the signs of Water and Earth or Air and Fire.

Mercury and Mars, acting in water and earth signs, describe the practicality of a person, his good business and organizational skills. A particularly advantageous situation is when both luminaries are essentially strong.

An example is the extremely constructive interaction between Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Virgo. The owner of such a sextile knows how to delve into details, improve production processes and put things in order. He acts carefully and at the same time efficiently, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources. This approach helps him achieve good financial results.

An example of the fiery-air interaction of the luminaries can be the sextile between Mars in Aries and Mercury in Gemini. In this case, the main advantage of the subject will be a high reaction rate, dexterity, mobility, contact and sociability. The owner of the aspect is active and energetic. He will not miss an opportunity for action, will be aware of all the affairs and innovations, which will allow him to be always one step ahead of his competitors.

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