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Bisextile – just one step to the top

A wide and slightly flattened triangle in the natal chart is immediately noticeable. It is formed by two sextiles emerging from one point and closed by a trine. Unlike the big trigon, the figure is always located asymmetrically in relation to the center of the horoscope, which gives energy discomfort and the search for the best use of their talents trine through the planets that create sextiles.

Thanks to this secret, the native immediately knows how to put his talent into practice. The sphere of activity is designated at home , and the ways of implementation and character traits are the planets .

Features of the impact of bisextile on fate

Bisextile, symbolizing joy, optimism and chances of luck, turns on periodically and carries a huge number of opportunities at the same time. The problem is that you need to make a decision quickly, and the choice of favorable chances is huge. There is a chance to rush and make mistakes. At a low level of development, the figure provokes laziness, spoiledness, gluttony and voluptuousness.

Surprisingly, the owners of the bisextile, which comes on from time to time, are happier and more successful than the carriers of the trigone accustomed to a harmonious life. It is enough for them to take the first step and the steps of the stairs leading upward fold into the escalator by themselves.

For example, a girl with a bisextile affecting 2, 3, 5 houses, advertises on a dating site and the next day receives a letter from the man of her dreams. However, you need to make a decision quickly, within 1-2 weeks, otherwise the chance for a happy family will float away for a long time into oblivion.

The trigon at the heart of the configuration excites and motivates: you want to have more and a good combination of circumstances prompts you to join in the work on a wave of joyful inspiration.

The peculiarity of the figure of aspects is that if a misfortune occurs, then with personal effort and the intention to get out on the white line of life, fate also provides many ways to solve problems. Strangers borrow money, bureaucrats draw up papers without a queue, which is perceived as incredible luck if you do not know the astrological basis of the horoscope.

Shield of Fate and Three Gifts of Bisextile

The bisextile figure is known among astrologers under the code name – the triangle of talent. Awareness of his abilities does not allow a person to stop, he will certainly realize his talents, turning obstacles into springboards. Three main advantages of the figure:

1. Allows you to bypass difficult situations or get out of them brilliantly, turning enemies into friends or safely avoiding treacherous traps;

2. Gives the ability to turn around crises, bankruptcy and even public failures to their advantage, to survive in difficult conditions;

3. The planet from which the sextiles emanate symbolizes activities that bring pleasure, fame and money, and the arrow of the bisextile symbolizes trials and temptations that ultimately benefit the cause.

If there are higher planets at the top of the configuration, then the so-called Shield of Fate is simultaneously turned on, protecting from any misfortunes and diseases. The native will pass unharmed through a minefield, survive a bayonet attack, or leave a potentially dangerous place on a whim. Intuition and foresight are nice bonuses of this alignment, especially if there are several shields. There is only one exception to this rule: the native is the very source of aggression.

Examples of bisextiles 

To decipher the meaning, take into account the position in the signs and houses of the map . If the figure includes the Moon in Capricorn in the 6th house, Pluto in Aries in 7th and Mercury in Virgo in 10th, then it is obvious that the native has a cool head, great ambitions with an understanding of human psychology and the ability to manipulate people to achieve what he wants, while wisely spending resources of subordinates. The career of a financier, psychologist, physician is secured, or opportunities for a successful career will manifest themselves in extreme conditions.

Bisextile, where the Sun is in Leo, Neptune is in Sagittarius, and Pluto is in Libra, indicates a brilliant position in society, obtained through the development of Neptunian talents – drawing, dancing, cinema, photography.

There were a lot of bisextiles in the maps of famous physicists: Kepler, Edison and Einstein, and Schrödinger’s as many as 4. Most often, the composition contains the Sun-Uranus, which gives the ability to see through time and make discoveries, as well as Saturn and Mercury – the gift of structuring information and developed intelligence. Triangles, where the Sun, Moon and Uranus are at the tops, are found in the horoscopes of astrologers.

Incorporating bisextile

Some people complain that there are several triangles of talent in the card, but no amazing events in life happen. There can be two reasons: the native is passive and waits for the weather by the sea, or the planets are exhausted, under the influence of pests and additional negative aspects.

If there are male planets, for example, Jupiter-Mars-Pluto, dissonance occurs due to the female nature of bisextile. It will not work without active and purposeful actions along the line of one of the participants in the figure.

For example, this is Mars. Doing sports, tough upholding of your principles, deliberate inclusion in disputes and fights with opponents, public speaking, and creating a personal brand. Decorations with natural stones will also help: ruby , pomegranate , coral . They will add energy flows and make work easier. It is necessary to select minerals for working out any participant in the figure individually. The formula for the inclusion of bisextile is activity, the development of intuition, a positive attitude.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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