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Chiron square Saturn. Overcoming personal fears

The square between the planets always creates obstacles of a different nature. Most often these are external circumstances, but they, in turn, are a reflection of the internal state of the native. On the outer plane, a hot war is displayed between planets, each of which is difficult to recognize the other. Chiron is a teacher whose lessons are designed to free a person from accumulated complexes and pain. Sometimes their roots go deep into the history of the family. Saturnan even more strict adherent of karma. He is merciless and does not favor a mocking and easy attitude to life, which Chiron appreciates so much. The war between them turns into one of the most difficult aspects for the native, because here it is not about overcoming personal fears, but about experiences that have tormented entire generations of his family. Especially if one of the participants in the square is in 1, 4, 6 and 12 houses. A position in other sectors closes the doors to the spheres subject to them, and the task of the native is to find the key to them through development according to Chiron.

The dangers of squaring Chiron-Saturn

In the natal chart, this aspect encourages you to look for ways to a better life. A person wants to escape from the familiar environment, rules, habits and traditions, among which he grew up. Much depends on the level of spirituality and awareness. Without them, the native goes over the heads for the sake of goals that he puts above the interests and even the lives of others. He has a twisted philosophy, reminiscent of Machiavelli’s strategies, but these beliefs are very hard to give up.

If the Sun, Moon, Ascendant are in earth signs, then sympathy and empathy are unfamiliar to the owner of the horoscope, but he knows his needs well and strives to satisfy them to the fullest. Interestingly, very often the square of Chiron with Saturn complements a similar aspect with Mars, which adds stubbornness and determination in these matters.

Most of all, the native dreams of building a life that is not subject to external circumstances and intrusions from outside. If Saturn is in the 12th house, a person literally builds an indestructible fortress around his possessions and often does not let anyone into his soul. Chiron in the same sector encourages the owner of the horoscope to look for ways to protect himself in secret knowledge, including astrology, regressions, generic programs.

Other problems of Chiron-Saturn square:

  • conflicts and battles of authority in relationships with parents, grandparents, and older teachers;
  • inexplicable hostility from the elderly and any conservative-minded people;
  • fear of harsh reality, outside interference in personal plans, private life, which provokes a deep neurosis, which the native hides with feigned bravado and ostentatious independence;
  • troubles from the uranic type of personalities, impulsive, emotional and unpredictable;
  • strong attachment to things, real estate, relatives and at the same time a desire to live a different life, change everything, however, having achieved this, a person feels acute pain of loss;
  • restrictions on freedom in case of denial of fears, neuroses, any health problems (hospitals, mental hospitals, self-isolation, even prison, especially if Saturn is in the 12th house).

There is also a positive influence of the aspect – such people are reliable and true to their word. They do not hover in the clouds and systematically embody what they want into reality, steadfastly overcoming difficulties.

Chiron-Saturn square in relationship

The aspect can create serious obstacles in personal life if one of the planets is in the 5th or 7th house. The native has radically conservative views on relationships, for example, never marry, go to a monastery, refuse sexual relations, have children, or, with additional negative aspects, circumstances force all this.

If Chiron is in these sectors, then the owner of the horoscope himself chooses exotic views like childfree or celibacy to accumulate sexual energy. Saturn creates restrictions from the outside and attracts violent and authoritarian partners. For women, this position always denotes a spouse who does not allow spiritual development, for example, an atheist, an opponent of esotericism, or vice versa, a zealous believer. In the map of a man, this wife is much older in age, which is why he has certain restrictions in the areas of the house where Chiron stands.

Study of the square Chiron-Saturn

This aspect is one of the most difficult to work out. The lessons of both teachers are painful, they require willpower, patience and humility. It is rare that someone learns the very essence after their trials the first time, and the repetition of an unpleasant experience is annoying and even angry, because Chiron always strikes at the most vulnerable places, and Saturn resembles the mistakes of the past. Having determined in which areas they operate, it is important to work on these problems with the help of an astrologer, psychologist and rodologist. For the native, the basics of psychosomatics are important, it is she who becomes the root cause of his injuries and chronic diseases.

You should also get rid of high expectations and requirements for partners, otherwise you cannot avoid resentment, disappointment and loneliness in the second half of life. Girls should not enter into relationships with married men, otherwise they will not meet true love.

Talismans of good luck will be lapis lazuli , blue sapphire , sodalite and lepidolite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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