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Neptune-Pluto square. Explosions on the stars

Quadrature has a strange effect on the fate of a person. This is not a denial of talents and opportunities, but rather the awakening of athletic anger to receive destiny after overcoming obstacles. But often for a successful takeoff, you need to defeat your own weakness or anger.

The owners of the Neptune-Pluto square are born to light the stars, but being in the power of mental imbalance, enjoying painful searches, they extinguish the inner fire before it brings joy. And the abilities of the carriers of the aspect are enormous: music, cinema, finance, business, wealth and fame await them everywhere, if they can be reborn and defeat fears, laziness, self-criticism and a subconscious desire to be a victim.

The danger of Neptune-Pluto square

Consciously and unwittingly, the owners of the Neptune-Pluto square bring chaos into the lives of others, provoking social and religious strife and unrest. They are creative and inventive, but do not know the shores of the ocean of fantasy. Because of this, misunderstandings and disagreements arise, and intrigues and meanness darken the path of life. Bearers of the aspect may find themselves on opposite sides of the barricades: fighters against corruption and bribe-takers, mafiosi, but they are equally artistic and attractive.

A generation with this aspect is growing in the face of the collapse of social systems and rules. It is they who, by touch, through trial and error, begin to create new structures of worldview and behavior. The artist’s soul thinks and acts intuitively, but globally, which leads to both tremendous victories and fatal defeats. The carriers of the Neptune-Pluto square are karmically at the center of the fight against fascism, racism, totalitarianism, and it depends only on their will which side they will fight on. The dangers of squaring are comparatively small:

  • encounter with deception, fraud, lies;
  • weaving intrigues, conspiracies and the creation of secret societies;
  • bankruptcy due to negligence and talkativeness;
  • moral decay.

The karmic task is to humbly accept the collision of high impulses of the soul with social censure. An artist who has created a masterpiece should not get angry and break his brushes because of unfair criticism. The politician who has chosen the goal of the collapse of the empire of evil must be prepared for the militia of enemies. Be careful while driving, avoid alcohol and do not swim in depth.

Neptune-Pluto square in a man’s horoscope

The life of the bearer of the aspect can be successful if he firmly adheres to moral principles and systematically translates his dreams into reality. There are two dangers – to live in an illusory world, insulting and in conflict with those who try to open his eyes, or to destroy the old order in order to create a utopia out of his fantasies.

With the position of Mars in earth signs, the native thinks more down-to-earth and listens to the opinion of knowledgeable people. He is amorous, but rarely satisfied with close relationships. The slightest lack of a beloved leads to disappointment in her, especially if Mars is in the element of water or fire.

A man with a Neptune-Pluto square will strive to change his partner both externally and internally, in order to see the ideal from his dream in the flesh. He will be very surprised to learn that his discontent and perfectionism are destructive for the family. He needs an unearthly fairy and a separate life with her.

Neptune-Pluto square in a woman’s horoscope

A girl with this aspect craves fame and attention. She always has few fans and applause. The desire to be an eternally young star pushes to experiment with appearance. She often changes style according to her mood: a platinum blonde turns into a burning brunette, and a country girl into a rock star.

During the transit of Pluto, the carrier of the square has an irresistible desire to undergo plastic surgery. Unlike the male, a woman with the Neptune-Pluto square does not try to change her beloved, but tries to turn into his ideal, therefore, the owners of the aspect that affects the entire generation as a whole find each other like Pygmalion and Galatea, and cannot part until they work karma. Young people with a similar aspect and fiery Mars are especially attractive for a girl with the Neptune-Pluto square.

Elaboration of the Neptune-Pluto square

The aspect is fateful and it is no coincidence that it appears in times of world upheaval and change. The higher planets give the native the ability to move the world to a more civilized level of development, which will require an expansion of the worldview, the rejection of old limiting beliefs, for example, the superiority of one race over another, from aristocratic advantages, and the search for new trends in art.

An undeveloped native carries a thirst for destruction, because he does not know how to use imagination and power in a humane way. It is necessary to set global goals and join a party or social movement where they sincerely want to save the planet and help people. It is good to shed excess energy in water sports, performing arts and music. A native has every chance of becoming a singer or actor, symbolizing the new era and the style of the generation.

It is difficult to harmonize the Neptune-Pluto square with the energy of natural stones, because both planets are higher. To do this, you will have to wear jewelry with jadeite , aquamarine and amethyst , taking them off only at night, for at least 3-5 months in a row. After that, you can wear Plutonian obsidian and rauchtopaz for a month.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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