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Pluto Square – Ascendant. Good with fists

The tension of quadrature is initially felt by mild anxiety and poorly developed character traits, which are necessary for success in the areas affected by the aspect. But over the years, resentments, disappointments and anger at more successful rivals accumulate. This later creates a volcanic eruption of passions at the most important and fateful moments.

The bearers of the square of the mystical lord of darkness, Pluto and the Ascendant, which determine professional self-determination, are especially sensitive to this process. They are tyrants from birth, imposing their will on other people and ignoring their interests. A calm, quiet life is not their style, quarrels and conflicts give a feeling of turbulent events, without which the carriers of the aspect cannot imagine happiness.

The influence of the square Pluto – Ascendant on destiny

Often the native pursues the noble goals of restoring justice, but acts too bluntly and aggressively. Considering that he has learned the truth, he seeks to introduce the broad masses to it not by personal example, but by fire and sword. This is especially noticeable when Pluto and Mars are positioned in Leo and Aries. A person does not know how to maintain a balance between his desires and the free will of others, but this is not selfishness, because he always follows a great mission, but sometimes it is only in his mind.

Most often, a negative influence is exerted on a native by parents who bring him up on a rigid schedule without sympathy for failures or problems.

Having matured, he tries to compensate for the victim complex through aggressive suppression of dissidents, establishing himself in a new status of the strong. Power and glory are two whales of confidence of the owners of the Pluto-Ascendant square, but having ascended to the top of Olympus, they can either calm down and rest on their laurels, or go crazy with permissiveness, causing a war of several countries. Therefore, it is very important to stand on the bright side and restrain your predatory instincts. Other dangerous manifestations of the aspect also require development:

  • dictatorial habits, denial of other people’s advice, persistent repetition of the same mistakes;
  • roughness of communication, aversion to sentimentality and romance, cynicism, cruelty;
  • fanaticism in any sphere of interest to the native, vindictiveness;
  • the desire to remake people, but satisfaction with the result never comes;
  • misunderstanding of the impression made on others to their detriment;
  • inability to live in peace and joy, provocation of traumatic and painful events and emotions in oneself and loved ones;
  • bankruptcy and failure in lawsuits, betrayal for the sake of gaining power and honor;
  • an idea is more important than human happiness, and a career is preferable to a family.

In the appearance of the carriers of the aspect, there is the gloomy energy of Scorpio: a look from under the brow, a bewitching manner of looking and keeping silent, attracting attention to oneself. The impression is frightening.

Love and marriage when square Pluto – Ascendant

The native is his own enemy primarily in relationships. In 90% of cases, the square with the Ascendant also touches the Descendant, which means that men and women themselves destroy the happiness of family life with endless nagging, an indomitable desire to remake a partner for themselves, jealousy and control over the actions of another person. The older the bearer of the aspect, the more these qualities manifest themselves, especially if there is an accompanying square from Saturn to Pluto, or the 7th house is involved.

If the 8th sector is included in the destructive effect of the square , then the native will have to use inhuman efforts to transform his attitude to love from darkness to light, perhaps through self-sacrifice, in order to resurrect for happiness like the Phoenix bird from the ashes of old beliefs. Most often, partners with a strong Scorpio are attracted, who are able to resist the pressure of the squaring ward, but on the other hand, they easily fall into dependence on a passionate stormy relationship with an admixture of pain and despair. Often the native is an adherent of sadomasochism in the style of “50 shades of gray”, which also complicates the search for a partner.

Elaboration of the Pluto – Ascendant square

Harmonization of quadrature implies awareness and recognition of the above problems. It is necessary to work with a psychologist to replace the addiction to self-destruction and inflicting pain on others with the ability to rejoice, love, and recognize the right of people to a different worldview.

Negative habits come from denying their individuality and intrinsic value, hence the desire to suppress objections at any cost. Extreme sports, especially rock climbing and digging (exploring caves and dungeons), archeology, and treasure hunting will help relieve stress. A profession should be chosen with a dangerous and noble mission: surgery, police, criminology, military medicine, firefighters. Decorations-talismans will help to stay on the side of the world, which will protect against black magic and give strength for self-transformation. They must be chosen according to the element of the sign where Pluto stands:

firerauchtopaz , vesuvian, pyrope;

water – sultanite, obsidian , sherl (gray tourmaline);

earthblack onyx , hematite , lava stone;

air – volcanic glass, meteorite, quartz of dark shades.

These minerals cannot be worn all the time. It is preferable to wear them a few days before and a couple of days after an important fateful event or to protect against the evil eye.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Ascendant Square Pluto:


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