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Square Sun – Ascendant. Soar above the horizon

Square in the horoscope indicates a lack of qualities that help to get what you want in the areas for which the planets are responsible. Moreover, it is in these areas that a burning need for success arises. It is difficult to live with a square between the Sun and the Ascendant: the eternal tension in an attempt to show the world talents, gain recognition and make money, generates the usual aggressiveness, which only scares others away.

However, the tense aspect is not a sentence, but a hint about the need to work on your image, demeanor and way of implementing your plans.

The main difficulty is the fear of showing oneself as it is, without embellishment and superficial shine, and also to love and accept one’s own soul and individuality. Others always seem better and luckier, and life turns into an eternal competition with mirages. Until the native makes friends with himself, he will run in search of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Danger Square Sun – Ascendant

Harmonious daylight gives freedom of expression, understanding of the boundaries of power and adequate use of talents, which leads to success in society along the Ascendant. With a square, there is no internal understanding of the algorithm of actions. I want to and inject. It turns out obsessive and loud self-promotion where it is inappropriate, elbowing competitors under the motto that the end justifies the means.

A false image is created, a social mask of the winner, under which anxieties and fears of exposure boil. Any doubts about competence and success along the line of the house where the Sun is located cause terrible aggression and the desire to prove the opposite. If there are additional negative aspects with Mars and Pluto, it is possible that a person may even kill someone who threatens his position in society. But, as a rule, being alarmed by suspicion or criticism, the native reveals the cards himself. Salvation is in the development of the best qualities of the zodiac sign for the affairs of the home, where the Sun is located. Having gained experience and first achievements, the owner of the square will reach a new level of luck. It is also necessary to take into account other characteristic qualities of a square with an Ascendant:

  • dislike of one’s own appearance, voice, body, envy of beautiful and lucky people;
  • doubts about personal giftedness, the right to wealth and well-being, especially if a person was born into a poor family;
  • emotional swings between arrogant self-confidence and crushing shyness;
  • the habit of offending the innocent during the period of defeat and failure, the desire to dominate the weaker and simpler people in order to feel strength;
  • the desire to command, imposing authority not through actions, but an imperious manner of behavior, which causes rejection from colleagues and subordinates;
  • the invented image is often harmful, hiding the real dignity of the native.

And nevertheless, the truly happy owner of the Sun – Ascendant square will be in public spheres of activity, where you need to be in sight: politics, show business, sports, education. In addition to working out the Sun, it is important to pay attention to Mercury , because eloquence and friendliness will speed up the ascent to the desired peak.

Love and marriage squared Sun – Ascendant

In men with this aspect, there is competition with the father from youth, or the parent hinders the choice of a career and purpose in those areas where the main star of the horoscope stands. Therefore, when choosing a spouse, he often exceeds the boundaries of what is permissible, by all means trying to prove his unconditional leadership. This leads to despotism and prohibitions. Without realizing it, the native repeats the behavior of the father in relation to a dependent person: wife and child. He does not marry a strong and independent woman, feeling the threat of competition. It is undesirable to choose a spouse with the same profession – opposition of interests is inevitable.

The woman with the square Sun-Ascendant also faces her father’s abuse of personal choice. Perhaps she was suppressed as a person, forbidding to do what she likes, especially if there are negative aspects to Venus or the opposition of the Sun – the Moon, but having escaped from parental control, she will devote herself entirely to her career, unconsciously fearing marriage, although she is attracted by the domineering and a self-confident type, reminiscent of a father. It is necessary to realize these problems and reprogram the consciousness in order to gain not only a caring spouse, but also a faithful companion, which ideally strives for a native of any gender.

Elaboration of the Sun – Ascendant square

For success in a career and communication with people, the owners of quadrature must cultivate in themselves and externally show the best qualities of the sign in which the Sun stands. For example: Leo – nobility, generosity, Sagittarius – protection of the oppressed, selfless training, Virgo – professionalism, cleanliness. It is advisable to focus on them in the field of activity under the auspices of the sign where the Ascendant is located. If he is in Libra, and the Sun is in Sagittarius, then becoming a lawyer, you should protect the interests of the disadvantaged, not the rich, and choosing a career as a politician, pay attention to education and international relations. Stones-talismans will help to harmonize the Sun , they should be selected according to the element of the sign:

firediamond , ruby ;

earthjasper , carnelian ;

airzircon , yellow topaz ;

waterpomegranate , red coral .

It is important to show respect for those in power, forgive the father and develop self-confidence, fully accept personal strengths and weaknesses.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Ascendant Square Sun:


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