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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Moon: struggle with the feminine

Lunar nodes are karmic quantities resembling vessels, one of which is upside down, and the other is filled to the brim. The ascending North is a symbol of the necessary development in the new sphere, and the Descending South is already a familiar way of responding to the world. Any aspect with them emphasizes the importance of the affected houses in the context of entire generations and the future kind of the native, especially if the Moon is involved in it .

This is a person’s inner comfort zone, his real essence, subconscious emotional programs and attitudes by which he lives. The square makes his interaction with the world painful: strong dependence on parents, infantilism, fear of publicity, shame, failure literally drives the native into the shell of conditionally safe beliefs that turn into a prison, from which he cannot get out without the help of a psychologist.

Moon Square Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

The squares of the Moon with nodes form a psychologically complex configuration – a tau square, and only those few who are familiar with psychology, esotericism and everything that helps to dive into the subconscious and reprogram it can overcome it. Without compensation, a person finds himself in a vicious circle: he makes mistakes again and again, falls into dependence on the Descending Node, and at the same time, desperately tries to realize himself and save himself through the sphere of the Ascending Node.

In a past life, a person was already in conflict with the feminine. It could be dependence on the mother, loss of contact with one’s own femininity in girls, dislike for ladies in men, up to criminal acts: abortions, scandalous breaks in relationships with the destruction of other people’s lives. Liquids were often involved in conflicts, ranging from bodies of water to medicines and poisons, which is why in the present incarnation a person has a subconscious fear of water, especially if the aspect affects the 8th and 12th houses.

From past incarnations there is a protracted confrontation with the mother, so she and the native, from his very birth, may experience a deep dislike for each other, which must be worked out through astrology and psychology. In any case, the problem of late growing up is obvious, when the owner of the horoscope does not accept parents, but is desperately afraid to break the umbilical cord and go free swimming.

Problems of the square of the Moon with the Ascending (Descending) nodes in women

The moon is a female planet and therefore girls with such aspects are very acutely experiencing all stages of relationships with their mother and their own feminine. The range of problems here is huge:

  • complete submission to an imperious mother, or vice versa, capricious, with constant emotional swings: either I love, or I will beat, I will destroy independence and initiative, and then I will demand to be independent;
  • lack of parental support and constant prohibitions on the manifestation of femininity: do not wear short skirts, do not make up, do not be friends with boys;
  • fear of men inspired by my mother: they are traitors, rapists, tyrants;
  • the learned position of the victim, which the girl transfers into personal relationships;
  • difficulty conceiving and carrying a pregnancy due to repressed anger at the mother;
  • gynecological problems with female organs.

The owners of the square of the Moon with nodes can passionately want a family and children, suffer because they cannot attract a kind and caring man, and sometimes go into complete denial of marriage and motherhood because of deep fears. They live in their parents’ house for a long time: the mother often opposes her daughter’s marriage, or the daughter herself is afraid to leave her comfort zone, even if she is stomped and humiliated there.

Problems of the square of the Moon with the Ascending (Descending) nodes in men

These are sissies whose masculinity has been suppressed and destroyed since childhood. Of course, a strong and harmonious Mars can save the situation, but if he is in a weak position, then strong dependence on the mother is very difficult to overcome.

The body grows, the boy turns into a man only externally, and inside sits an unloved, or vice versa, a baby overfed with caress and permissiveness.

It is difficult to create a full-fledged relationship with a woman with such a psychological problem. A man is not ready to be responsible for his family, he is dependent on the opinion of his mother. She picks up a spouse for him, she can rebel against the one who really likes, or she constantly interferes in their relationship.

Also, the owner of the square of the Moon with nodes has constant problems with real estate. He won’t decide where to live, roams around rented apartments or can’t save up for his own.

Study of the square of the Moon with Ascending (Descending) nodes

The karmic task of a native of any gender is to forgive and accept his mother and the feminine in himself. It is important to separate from it, to live independently and independently, but at the same time maintain good and warm relations. In fact, parents will also have to be re-educated through their own spiritual growth. It is difficult to do this on your own, so it is good to work out any conflicts with a psychologist.

You need to learn to take responsibility and create your family consciously, and not with the goal of running away from your parental home as soon as possible.

The peak of the influence of the aspect falls on the age of 36, so it is desirable to gain emotional and psychological independence before this period.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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