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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Neptune: Destructive Romance

The descending South Node shows those qualities of character, behavioral strategies, talents and sins that are present in a person in abundance from birth. The North Node tells you in which area you need to apply good achievements, work out problem areas and achieve new successes. The quadrature complicates these processes, and if a person is not familiar with astrology, then he gets stuck in a whirlpool of conflicting emotions for a long time.

Neptune is especially cloudy . The native opposes the real world with his fictional, full of illusions and idealized ideas about himself. People around him consider him an eccentric, who does not have everyone at home, they do not understand and repel him, which can push him to take “painkillers” – alcohol and drugs.

Neptune Square Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

There is a stereotype that this aspect is one of the most difficult karmic configurations, especially if Neptune is at the top of the tau-square formed by nodes, because this planet creates a mirror maze of illusions and turns off the inner sense of reality. However, there is a way out – to defeat the ethereal fantasies, among which it is so pleasant to live without doing anything, is possible only through the development of intelligence and practicality. It was them that the native in his past incarnations lacked. Then the probable scenarios of its existence were associated with:

  • water, drugs, chemistry, alcohol: the native could be a doctor, alchemist, pharmacist, owner of a winery:
  • maritime affairs: likely to serve on a ship as a navigator, doctor, in extreme cases, a captain;
  • stage, music, painting, poetry.

However, the square of Neptune with the lunar nodes introduces specifics with a negative charge. As a native doctor could make mistakes in making diagnoses, his restaurant most likely sold counterfeit alcohol, and the ship often went astray.

With certain additional indicators in the map, it is likely that life was cut short in the depths of the sea, from the poison of the enemy, as a result of religious or ideological persecution. All this creates various fears on a subconscious level: fear of water, dislike for church dogmas and priests, a weak stomach that reacts poorly to alcohol.

Positive Neptunian creative experience and success are not excluded, but in the past they were present in life along with the above tests. The native could be a popular gifted person, but go through betrayals, prisons and alcohol addiction.

Incarnations range from a beggar and itinerant preacher to a popular musician and actor. Now he needs to go to the highest floor of Neptune and get rid of pessimism and harmful inclinations.

Neptune Square Problems with Ascending (Descent) Nodes

Aspects with higher planets create difficulties from about 30 years old. Until that time, you need to gain maximum confidence in the affairs of the house and the sign where the South Descending Node stands, and realize what problems in the Neptunian theme of this sphere are regularly repeated. It is them that will need to be worked out through the implementation of the North Node.

The main nerve of the square of Neptune is in dissatisfaction with what is happening in reality. The native either dreams of global goals, refusing simple joys and concrete actions, or realizes his cherished desire and understands that happiness has remained unattainable. This happens even in small things: I wanted to buy a new product, dreamed for a long time, saved up, but tried it – I didn’t like the taste, smell, effect.

Terrible things are often written about the square of Neptune with the lunar nodes, that it gives rise to hereditary alcoholism, co-dependent relationships with an abuser, cerebral palsy and other disorders of the nervous system. The only truth is that Neptune is indeed a ancestral planet, and it symbolizes the repetition of family scenarios. If there were alcoholics in the family or women who suffered beatings from their husbands, it is likely that the native will repeat the event plot laid down at the DNA level. The aspect will be a warning, not a cause. If there was no cerebral palsy and alcoholism in the family, then they will not appear by themselves.

More likely problems:

  • feeling like an outcast in the material world of pragmatists: the native is considered crazy, not of this world: teased at school, discussed behind his back at work;
  • a person does not accept his family, is not like his parents: a more creative, sensitive, religious nature;
  • even in the absence of alcohol, other food addictions: coffee, delicious food, carbonated drinks;
  • atheism or excessive religious zeal, which can arise suddenly, closer to 30 years old, and shock the family circle, where this is not accepted;
  • relatives hinder the development of creative abilities;
  • fear of water or fear of drunks in different variations.

The main positive abilities of the native: sympathy, empathy, vivid imaginative thinking, artistry and charm.

How to work square Neptune with lunar nodes

It is necessary to achieve practical results in creative activity: if it is drawing, photography – to arrange an exhibition of your works, music – to perform at a concert, and not just sing for loved ones, to be more often seen in reality.

You need to set one goal at a time and go to the final result, without spraying.

At a deep level of study, Neptune expects a person to sacrifice something to infringe on selfishness, for example, arrange a charity concert, hold free classes.

In extreme cases, he will spend his time praying for loved ones and the world. It is also good to transfer money for the treatment of sick children.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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