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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Sun: Fighting Yourself

The descending South Node symbolizes the overflowing cup of karmic experience. Hence the instinctive reactions to the world, which are sometimes incomprehensible to the person himself. These are innate talents and behaviors that arise during a period of emotional stress. From this program it is necessary to go into a new experience. Associated with it is the Ascending North Node. Its aspect with the planet indicates the need for new knowledge and impressions, and sometimes, for the benefit of the spiritual development of the soul, this process can be painful. This is exactly what happens when the sun, the main planet of the horoscope, is squared with one of the nodes. Since it denotes the very inner “I” of the native and the figure of his father, and for women also the husband, it is better to know in advance that in these areas there will certainly be problems that must be solved immediately, without shelving.

Karmic problems of the Sun square with the Ascending (Descending) nodes

In a past life, the native could refuse social self-realization altogether, for example, choosing a subordinate position next to a strict father. A woman could also fall into domestic slavery and dependence both in her own family and after marriage.

The squaring aspect involves the constant encounter with problems or their sharp and sudden occurrence. Therefore, the native either faced the pressure of society and an overbearing father from childhood, or experienced them in adulthood. There may be 2 options here:

  • a person went with the flow and endured humiliation, was afraid of obstacles and struggle;
  • the native actively fought for his rights, even won, but in the end he himself became a tyrant and lost what he had achieved.

In any case, the square of the Sun and the nodes arose for a reason. It is a deep conflict between self-determination and society. If the aspect affects the Sun and the Ascending Node, then in this incarnation a person will have to face the demons of the past, but he has all the resources to defeat them. This will be a new experience for him, partly designed to finally deal with the wrong behavior in a past life, when in an effort to gain freedom, he himself became an authoritarian and soulless ruler. For example, after the death of an abusive husband, a woman kept her family in fear, or a man, like a father, began to severely punish his children.

The square of the Sun with the Descending Node means that in a past life the native worked out negative programs and in no case should repeat them. This is a hint: when the solar qualities are revealed, no one should suffer. The aspect is very difficult, because the Sun is essentially selfish and strives for autocracy.

The second point is that it is absolutely impossible to refuse self-realization and a career for the sake of someone, even if for this you have to break off relations with your father or husband.

Most likely, a person will again find himself in a similar situation, as in a past life, but now you need to make the right choice in favor of your development and without abuse of power.

Problems of the square of the Sun with the Rising Node

The aspect greatly influences the style of human behavior and forms the character of the wrestler. However, the native does not always achieve his goal in noble ways. He is driven by the desire to become famous and achieve everything at once, so very often he goes ahead, conflicts, makes enemies, breaks the wall with his forehead. It is especially difficult to find a consensus between the seething need to get what they want and the need to adapt to the owners of the fiery Sun. It makes conflicts sharp and painful, and the native does not have the patience to think about his actions.

The most common problems:

  • the need to confront a husband, father, boss;
  • difficulties with self-realization in society, fear of change, mistakes, losses;
  • disbelief in oneself, hasty actions due to fears, envy, resentment, when a person goes the wrong way, just to be no worse than others.

The owners of the square Sun – Ascending Node do not know how to adapt to the habits of other people in family life and in the team, especially if everything is fine with the father, and problems arise later in relations with colleagues and partners. They seem to do everything at random and suffer from the fact that their strong need for admiration is not satisfied even against the backdrop of real success.

Sun Square Problems with the Descending Node

A native with this aspect is constantly in tension, the nature of which he cannot determine, since the roots go back to genetic memory. In a past life, he experienced a confrontation with his father and society, and is already unconsciously set to repeat these events. It is difficult for such people to relax. They may give up trying to come to the fore. They have a fear of success, so it’s easier to sit in the shadows and do nothing. Only the owners of a strong Sun will try to change their fate, which may well happen if they combine the highest floor of their Sun with the mission of the North Node.

In a past life, the native had a negative experience of power and popularity, he wants to be influential, but he is afraid of this, which results in depression, scandals with his parents. A woman chooses an authoritarian husband in order to relieve herself of responsibility for inaction, they say, it’s not me who is afraid to work, but her husband does not allow it.

Studying the square of the Sun with the lunar nodes

First of all, you need to develop the highest qualities of the sign where the Sun stands , take responsibility for your choice and go towards the goal, despite the obstacles from relatives and society, but act wisely, and not aggressively. It is important to align sun-burning activities with the mission of the North Node.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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