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Jupiter Neptune square. Dreamer Fanfare

The square between the planets portends not only problems and troubles, but also opportunities for growth and transformation through overcoming obstacles. Jupiter and Neptune, ruling the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, have a similar influence on the native: travel, religion, personal development.

The square creates tension in these areas. There is a substitution of concepts: adherence to a false guru, getting into a sect, the wrong choice of a university due to the inability to find your vocation, or simply laziness to study. A person listens not to an inner voice, but to the desires of authorities – parents and teachers. As a result: disappointment in faith, education, justice of the law.

Dangers of the Jupiter-Neptune square

A native can hardly be called a reliable person. He is inclined to promise more than he is physically capable of fulfilling, since he deceives himself at his own expense. Being by nature creative, finely feeling art and sentimental, the owners of the Jupiter-Neptune square in reality cannot benefit from the noble qualities of character. They will cry when they see a report about an orphanage or animal shelter, but they are ashamed to organize a charity event or forget, being distracted by their problems, just as they are too lazy to consolidate their creative energy to demonstrate their talents to the world.

It is much more pleasant to dream of the glory and heroism that someday will come by themselves. As a result, gifted carriers of the Jupiter-Neptune quadrature cannot find use for their abilities, watching with envy how less talented but hardworking and contact practitioners gain recognition. Key points of the tense aspect between Jupiter and Neptune:

  • irascibility, excessive emotionality and vulnerability, a tendency to exaggeration of good and bad;
  • pride, vanity, bragging, insecurity;
  • laziness and desire to “seize” problems, respectively, a predisposition to excess weight;
  • religious megalomania despite lack of personal experience;
  • Well-intentioned hypocrisy: saying what others want to hear, not realizing that they look two-faced;
  • in business, constant confusion with documents;
  • facing fraud and betrayal regarding financial transactions;
  • problems with paperwork, especially when entering a university.

Owners of the Jupiter-Neptune square often hide the destructive qualities of character under the mask of friendliness and a desire to please everyone without exception. They are actually friendly and sympathetic, but when combined with vanity, laziness and envy of rivals, they create a repulsive impression on a subconscious level, even though they are charming and harmless outwardly.

Jupiter-Neptune square in a man’s horoscope

The main danger is religious fanaticism and confidence in one’s own infallibility. There are no special grounds for this: at the average level of spiritual development, the native’s knowledge of faith rarely goes beyond the framework of theory, but he considers himself no less than the Pope. In love, he is looking for spiritual closeness and understanding, generous without reckoning for tomorrow: he will spend the last money on a luxurious dinner at a restaurant, and then will borrow from friends in order to show off his beloved with imaginary wealth.

His promises to get a star from the sky should not be recklessly believed, especially if they were given in front of an admiring audience or under the influence of alcohol. If one of the planets or the native’s Sun is in Gemini, then it will be beautiful to talk about the future, but lying on the couch or disappearing in the company of friends. Practical benefits in marriage can only be expected if there is a strong Saturn.

Jupiter-Neptune square in a woman’s horoscope

Creatively gifted, but completely disorganized in everyday life, a woman with the Jupiter-Neptune square often chooses a profession not by vocation, but according to ideas about social prestige. She is afraid of being left without money, but she often attracts bohemian men with alcohol addiction, on whom she spends money and time, feeling herself involved in saving drowning people. Pity and lack of practical experience create problems in relationships: it is deceived and used for selfish purposes.

She looks for inspiration in a partner and is often fascinated by external beauty, exaggerating the dignity of his character, or even inventing them. The square of the planets often brings unrequited love, when a beautiful and intelligent girl cannot build a reliable relationship without working out the aspect.

Elaboration of the Jupiter-Neptune quadrature

The harmonization of the energies of the planets goes through the ability to hear the inner voice and the correct choice of destination. The second stage is organized practical work to translate the vocation into life. Dreams should be supported by work, up to the daily maintenance of the neat condition of the desktop. The talents of the owner of the Jupiter-Neptune square are most clearly manifested in diplomacy, tourism, economics, photography, acting and directing.

The profession should be chosen taking into account the thirst for wandering, without the satisfaction of which the native will wither within four walls. At a high level of development, missionary and teaching missions are suitable, and for people it is easier – work with frequent business trips.

To harmonize the Jupiter-Neptune square with natural stones, you should strengthen Jupiter. Jewelry with citrine , blue and yellow topaz , lapis lazuli and amethyst will help you realize your plans, not just dream. Neptune is stabilized by actions to develop practicality and worldly wisdom.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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