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Jupiter-Pluto square. Millionaires trample laws

The square between the planets includes internal disharmony in a person. In an effort to get rid of the unpleasant sensation of excess irritation, the intellectually developed native makes every effort to achieve success in the areas where the celestial bodies are located. The weak in spirit resigns himself to defeat and floats with the flow, poisoning others with pessimism.

This directly concerns the Jupiter-Pluto square, which frightens amateurs with the prospect of bankruptcy. In fact, the aspect promises a million-dollar profit through thoughtful but risky ventures in times of global crises and disasters. The native really easily loses everything, under the influence of vanity and anger, but also playfully, soars again in the ranking of the rich, if he shows willpower and perseverance.

The Danger of Jupiter-Pluto Square

Laws and rules are not for the Jupiter-Pluto square wards. They violate the age-old attitudes of society and cause a wave of irritation and anger in their address. However, it is on the “hype” that they easily manage to become popular and rich, the main thing is then to draw up their own code of laws and follow it so as not to be branded as an ambitious nihilist. Taboos are religious and family traditions. Here patriotism and a reluctance to accept modern trends suddenly kicks in.

Even friends and relatives get tired of the powerful self-confidence of the carriers of the Jupiter-Pluto square, incomprehensibly adjacent to doubts and complexes. They prefer to get rid of them by exaggerating the merits and achievements, as well as participating in gambling in high-class establishments. A secret dream that inspires action is to do something great on a historic scale. For the sake of this, the owners of the aspect easily abandon personal happiness and everyday comfort, joining in political undercover games. The main dangers of the Jupiter-Pluto square appear during the transit of these planets:

  • thirst for power, money, disregard for etiquette and the code of honor;
  • shortsightedness, withholding information for personal purposes, lack of modesty;
  • eccentricity, excessive addiction to bodily pleasures and gluttony;
  • lack of tact, diplomacy, suppression of dissidents by the pressure of brute force;
  • mental disorders due to megalomania and religious ecstasy;
  • illegal actions and dirty machinations, which lead to the loss of property, money and reputation;
  • tyranny in the family in relation to the life partner and children;
  • the danger of being in a crowd during revolutionary unrest;
  • the likelihood of being hurt during catastrophes and natural disasters.

By fostering strong moral attitudes and emotional sensitivity, the native will succeed as a popular leader fighting injustice. By studying financial strategies and the intricacies of investing, he will be able to not only earn, but also preserve capital.

Jupiter-Pluto square in a man’s horoscope

The degree of permissiveness and Napoleonic ambitions will depend on the position of Mars and Venus. The position in the element of fire includes vanity and a thirst for destruction for the sake of power, in the air sphere – changes in moods and opinions, fraud. Water planets provoke self-digging and complexes, hiding true feelings and a lasting social mask. Mars and Venus in the element of earth suppress sensuality.

The true passion of a man with a Jupiter-Pluto square in this situation is business and politics, and a girl is given a place in the list of entertainment. The native appreciates female beauty and aristocratic style, but does not delve into the depths of the companion’s experiences. The strengths include generosity and assistance in development, but authority, the desire to dominate and subjugate, cancels out these bonuses.

Jupiter-Pluto square in a woman’s horoscope

A girl with this aspect craves fame and high social status. For this, she is able to get married profitably, without special feelings. At the same time, the owner of the Jupiter-Pluto square is ready for sacrifices and changes for the sake of a great future: change her appearance, style, learn the necessary skills to correspond to high society.

She is distinguished by incredible sensuality and inability to give up pleasure, which leads to perversion, drugs and simply overeating, and at the same time, persistent religiosity. This contradiction breeds internal discord. She is a profligate and a benefactor at the same time.

The Jupiter-Pluto woman has a gift for creating new trends in fashion, art, literature and politics.

Elaboration of the Jupiter-Pluto square

To harmonize the aspect, empathy and consideration for others should be developed. Study combined with practice, personal goals tied to the public good, contribute to the lasting success of the native. It is necessary to avoid the manifestation of vanity in the soul. First achievements are a reason for pride, but not for self-aggrandizement. To avoid fanaticism, you should not create idols for yourself, but only learn from their example. A good way to compensate for the Jupiter-Pluto square is an elite education, games for erudition (chess, quest), and in sports it is better to prefer shooting, fencing, triathlon.

You can soften the effect of the aspect with the help of jewelry made from natural stones. The positive qualities of Jupiter when squaring Pluto will be enhanced by amethyst , lapis lazuli and blue topaz , inserted into a gold ring that should be worn on the index finger. Pluto’s stones need to be worn no more than a couple of times a month: variegated jasper , tourmaline and serpentine in combination with steel and iron.

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