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Quickons Venus – Uranus: the effect of surprise

Quickons – an aspect that creates an imbalance of energies and uncertainty of goals in the presence of strong desires to realize the potential of the planets. But they are so different that it is extremely difficult to combine them for the benefit of one’s ambitions. It is no coincidence that astrologers believe that the influence of the quincunx is similar to both the opposition and the trine , and at the same time. This leads to a repetition of the same events, in which a person must learn new positive behavior and exit from the lower floor of the planets to their highest event level.

Owners of the Venus-Uranus quincunx are very sensitive in the themes of the houses where the planets stand. They are afraid of appearing weak and gray personalities, so they try their best to show their originality and superiority over others, while they are very worried that society may express dissatisfaction with such free thinking, and do not know how to combine the need for approval and the desire to stand out.

Character, fate and health under the quincunx Venus-Uranus

Since the aspect is minor, the native will not be too bright and exotic creature, unlike the owners of sextiles or oppositions with the same planets, but his desire to be admired will be associated with the house where Venus stands, and Uranus will show in what ways he will achieve this.

If the planet of love is in the 5th house , then non-standard behavior, as well as anxiety, fussiness and originality, will manifest itself in the topics of creativity, love affairs and relationships with children, and when 2, 6, 8 houses are affected, then in matters related to the profession, money and work.

Uranus makes a strong impact on destiny after 25 years. That’s when a person begins to be thrown from wasteful generosity to abnormal savings, when, for example, he buys a coveted luxury item beyond his means, whether it be shoes from a famous designer or a chic car, and then sits for months on one buckwheat. The native can easily give away to those in need a huge amount that he saved up to buy an apartment, obeying the impulse, but the opposite is also true: money or a good offer can fall from the sky, another thing is that he is not always ready to accept it, and this is also a manifestation of Venus-Uranus quincunx , to act differently from everyone else, to be special, even if it comes to the detriment of oneself.

At the same time, he is very worried that others know about such original deeds, and even better, admire him. If this is not the case, then the desire to stand out quickly passes. The ardor of creativity is especially quickly cooled by the situation when others laugh and twist their fingers at the temple. The trines don’t care, but the quincunx always creates vulnerability and the need to do something immediately to get the satisfaction of ambition. Because of such emotional swings, the nervous system suffers, and if you have to suppress negative emotions in response to criticism, then the throat also suffers.

Quickons Venus-Uranus, personal life and synastry

The native is always attracted to unusual partners with a weirdo. They can be creative individuals, from street musicians and circus performers to crazy inventors and freelancers. With Venus afflicted, there is little chance of a classic traditional marriage, since there is a great need for vivid emotions, adventures, and a change of partners.

The native himself provokes partings and new meetings, likes to arrange emotional swings, when he pours cold, then asks for forgiveness and envelops with attention. One thing is invariable – the need for admiration and approval from a partner. Any criticism or ridicule will push him away for a long time, although for his part he can sting and hurt to the quick, achieving strong reciprocal emotions, but he himself must be on a pedestal.

Quickons Venus-Uranus in the synastry does not have a strongly pronounced accent of influence. He points to the karmic nature of the relationship and gives a hint that both partners got a chance to grow spiritually through conflicts, disputes, and joint creativity. This is an excellent indicator for success in common affairs, but in personal relationships there will always be an element of misunderstanding, as if the picture does not fully add up. It seems that there is mutual admiration, attraction, common goals, but there is an inner chill and doubts about the correctness of the choice.

How to work out the quincunx Venus-Uranus

It is difficult to harmonize this aspect, because it appears suddenly in those topics that cause a feeling of inferiority in a person. Given Venus, as a planet closer to the psyche of the native, love relationships and creativity become such triggers. He really needs support and unconditional acceptance from a significant person, be it a loved one or, for example, a coach, mentor, friend. An excellent study of the aspect will be winter sports: figure skating, cross-country skiing, as well as astrology, programming and fashion design.

A person will have to bring the cosmic energy of novelty into earthly affairs, but do it harmoniously for perception from the outside. You also need to protect the nervous system from overload and avoid public showdowns.

In manifesting yourself according to Venus , you will have to deviate as much as possible from the generally accepted norms of behavior and the canons of society, but in such a way as not to shock people with something indecent or not to break the law. This is where the temptation lies for people at a low level of development, because the easiest way to express your ego is through crime. At a high level of consciousness, a person presents his uniqueness as art and serves as an example of creative courage.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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